Melt It, Blow It Up, Smash It But Don't Eat It – New Book Shares Lots of Candy Experiments

By Blog Editor Susan Wells

Our office recently received a copy of the new book, Candy Experiments, by Loralee Leavitt. If you love candy, but don’t want it to all go to your waistline, this book is for you.

Candy Experiments covers a wide variety of activities with what else? Candy. Learn about secret ingredients hidden in your favorite candy, then blow it up, smash it, freeze it, melt it and experiment every which way with it. So don’t eat all of that holiday candy, experiment with it. The best part of this book is all of the activities use candy and other household materials.

The experiments have easy to follow step by step instructions and a What’s Happening section. It isn’t big on the science, but it is something all parents can do with their kids on a lazy afternoon.

We have followed Loralee on Pinterest for awhile and have enjoyed seeing her playing with her food. She even showed us how to sink a marshmallow and use up that extra Halloween candy.

We received a complimentary copy of Candy Experiments to review. All comments are our own. 

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