Throw the Ultimate Harry Potter Halloween or Birthday Science Party Part 1

By Blog Editor Susan Wells

My daughters, husband and I are all Harry Potter fanatics. Our obsession began last summer when my then 6-year-old and I began reading The Sorcerer’s Stone. After completing the book, we all watched the movie. Then my older daughter and husband were also hooked.

Part 2 from September 28, 2012

For my daughter’s seventh birthday, she wanted a Harry Potter themed party. That’s all she needed to say and I was all over it. My job helped us add some science into the festivities and create the world of Harry Potter in our garage. My suggestions will work for a birthday, Halloween or anytime HP party.

My girls demanded that I dress up as a character, so I went for the Divinations teacher, Sybill Trelawny. I’m not sure I captured her or just looked like a gypsy  librarian.

We began by transforming our garage into Hogwarts. I found wall decorations on Amazon and even a cool Chamber of Secrets-looking doorway poster. To fill in gaps, I used gold and black tablecloths. It was June, but I pulled out my Halloween decorations. We hung candles from the ceiling with thread and pins, blow up skeletons, light up spiders and more. The girls and I had a little too much fun creating potion jars and other decorations for the tables.

Blood Worms: Atomic Insta-Worms & red True Color Tablets in water. These also glow under a black light.
Polyjuice Potion: Water, Water Gel, green True Color Tablets, Pearl Swirl and grass blades.
Gillyweed:  Water, Clear Insta-Worms, blue True Color Tablets.

Skele-Gro: A Growing Body Parts Jar

Potion Test Tubes: Test Tube and Rack, Jumbo Test Tubes, Water Jelly Marbles, Water Jelly Crystals, Atomic Glow Concentrate, Black Lights, Clear SlimeTrue Color TabletsPearl Swirl, Colorful Growing Orbs and plastic spiders and bugs.

I also had several bubbling and boiling graduated cylinders in the background. Fill the cylinder about 3/4 full with warm water. Add a few True Color Tablets for color. Then drop a couple of pieces of dry ice. This also creates a nice bubbling lab sound effect. I also filled a black plastic cauldron with warm water and added dry ice. The kids loved it but I had to keep an eye on them so they wouldn’t touch the dry ice.

This isn’t science, but I also had a lot of fun with the treats and snacks. I had to cover all of the bases, besides, there’s nothing better than cauldron cakes, Honeydukes Fizzers and licorice wands.

I realize this is quite the list of science supplies, but each product comes in a large quantity and I also used them in the lesson demonstrations. In Part 2 of my Ultimate Harry Potter Party, I will list the activities and how I pulled it all off. Watch for the post next Friday, September 28th.


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