Rayovac Celebrates Teacher Appreciation Week with Teachers Bring Science to Life Contest

The wonderful people at Rayovac recently approached us and asked for our help in celebrating Teacher Appreciation week (May 2 – 6). They are recognizing inspirational teachers by offering three all-expense paid trips to attend Science in the Rockies in Denver, Colorado July 6-8, 2011.

Click Here to Nominate a Teacher >

Science in the Rockies is an intensive three-day hands-on science training for teachers who want to integrate more science into their classrooms and make it more meaningful and fun for their students.

“There are so many amazing educators that bring inspiration, guidance, encouragement and fun to the classroom,” said Kent Klagos, Division Vice President, Rayovac.  “Through the Teachers Bring Science to Life Contest, we hope to recognize a few of the many outstanding teachers as well as give them an amazing science experience they can bring back and share with their students.”

Do you know a K-6 teacher that brings learning to life and inspires kids to want to learn in the classroom? Rayovac is now accepting nominations on their website rayovac.com/science until 11:59 p.m. on May 16, 2011. If you would like to recognize a teacher, click over to the Rayovac site, complete the entry form and submit an essay up to 300 words explaining how the teacher inspires students and brings learning to life. Teachers who want to learn great classroom techniques and engaging experiments to captivate their students can even nominate themselves.

The individuals whose nominating essays win for the three lucky teachers will also receive one of three $100 gift cards from a major retailer.

We want to extend a special thank you to the people at Rayovac for understanding and acknowledging how important science education is in our children’s lives.

Rayovac is Dedicated to Science

Rayovac is dedicated to science and technology education. The Rayovac headquarters in Madison, Wis., is home to a state-of-the-art, on-campus science and technology lab where scientists and technology experts collaborate to bring the latest innovations to customers. This summer, the brand is bringing this experience to life with the launch of the Rayovac Science and Technology Institute (RSTI). The online resource center at www.rayovac.com/science will offer students, parents and educators a plethora of activities designed to bring science to life in a fun and memorable way. RSTI visitors will be able to get a behind-the-scenes look at the science of Rayovac, interact with Rayovac scientists, engage in educational games as well as view and explore fun science experiments they can recreate at home.

Update June 22 – Winners Announced

Congratulations to our three winners. We can’t wait to see you at Science in the Rockies in a few weeks.

  • Tina J Miller from Kenosha, WI
  • Pamela L Berg from Indianapolis, IN
  • Keri Dowdy from Sedalia, KY
25 replies
  1. Michelle Mabatid
    Michelle Mabatid says:

    I got really excited about the contest you were having but when I saw that it was just for K-6 teachers I was a bit disappointed. I believe preschool teachers and pre-k teachers should be able to be participants in these kinds of contests. They are people who should be recognized for their passions in teaching and instilling the love for learing in growing minds…I have a class in our school where in the children have exhausted ideas such as polymer orbs, cause and effect, etc…I could go on and on!!!! i hope that the next contest thtat happens you will open it up to our teachers…Afterall, they do lay the foundation for our future scientists.

  2. Larry Herschler
    Larry Herschler says:

    What a wonderful opportunity for teachers. This could be a very exciting opportunity for a teacher. Best wishes to all and good luck

  3. Zahra Arzani
    Zahra Arzani says:

    I am a chemistry teacher for 22 years and mostly I am teaching chemistry with fun in different ways.
    Thank you
    Zahra Arzani

  4. Pam Davis
    Pam Davis says:

    Danny brings science to life with his special needs class of 6 autism boys! He enriches them with hands-on experiments that inspire and enlight them with the passion of science. It is very difficult for him and he is always looking for ways to get his autistic students involved. He delights in collaboration and especially in his sharing with his peers in regular education classes. He serves in a Title I “at-need” school which provides high quality instruction as a Title I liaison representative. Last year he was named ABCTE “teacher of the year” for the state of Florida. He would be an awesome person to attend this celebration of teachers.
    Note: I am a teacher in a Title I school and have attended your workshops at numerous conventions and brought home all of your ideas and experiments. I subscribe to your ongoing newsletter and eagerly await to see the new experiment that I might do with my Kindergarten students. I would love to have my husband attend this upcoming event! You are the BEST! Thank you for your ongoing efforts to inspire students with your passion for science!

  5. Beverly Brown
    Beverly Brown says:

    Beverly Brown deserves to have this science trip. she is creative and shares all her wonderful ideas with others educators. She goes above and beyond for all her students.

  6. Timothy Barrett
    Timothy Barrett says:

    How do I enter my son’s teacher into the contest? To whom do I send the essay? Are you looking for an email, letter or something more formal?

  7. Jeannene Schweitzer
    Jeannene Schweitzer says:

    I too wish this would be offered to preschool teachers. They set the foundation for future learning, which could result in scientists. I hope in the future this will be opened up to preschool teachers.

  8. Toni Kinner
    Toni Kinner says:

    I love getting kids turned on to Science. I use your ideas in my classrooms already, especially the mentos/ diet coke fountain. It never fails to delight.

  9. kiah sales
    kiah sales says:

    i think that my teacher mrs.hamiltion should one of the teacher because she is the bestscience taecherin the world

  10. Beverly Brown
    Beverly Brown says:

    Beverly Brown is such and awesome teacher. She’s very hands on and I know a experience with Steve Spangler would be awesome. His workshops are mind blowing . She really deserves to attend.

  11. Barb Garrison
    Barb Garrison says:

    I would like to nominate a colleague that I work with; however, when I click to enter her in, I do not have the option. The deadline is today and need to know where to send the nomination. Thank you.

  12. Susan
    Susan says:

    Contest Winners Update: We have been working closely with the Rayovac team and at this time, finalists have been selected and contacted. We are in the final stages of winner verification and plan to make the exciting announcement on Monday, June 20th on our Facebook page and blog. Stay tuned for the exciting news.


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