Are You Organizing a School Event this Spring? Need a Little Help Coordinating Your Volunteers?

With spring fast approaching, the volunteer season is kicking into high gear — and parents are getting called on to volunteer from multiple directions.

Are you planning a science fair or science birthday party this spring? Maybe it’s an end of year class party or a field trip. Whatever it is, you will rely on the help from volunteers.

All the organization involved is enough to give any busy parent pause.

If you are an overworked volunteer coordinator and are drowning in the slew of reply-all emails and phone calls, we have a tool for you.

Make life simpler for both the volunteers and the organizer by suggesting they first check out the FREE online signup sheets at In one easy-to-use online coordination tool you’ll save the sanity of all the people involved, and feel good doing good!

What is VolunteerSpot?

VolunteerSpot is a fantastic tool that lets anyone coordinate volunteers, (even the less techy organizer) and it’s great for parents to get more involved in new and old projects alike! By permitting everyone easy access to a complete group volunteer sign up sheet, everyone can quickly choose jobs and shifts to fit their busy schedules, or can sign up to donate supplies or food items with just a few clicks.

For your science fair, you can organize the judges’ time slots, set up who will help set up and clean up, who will interview the participants and who will walk the floor. For your classroom party, you can set up who is bringing snacks, who is bringing activities and when each task is due. Once someone has signed up to help, the system will automatically remind them of their shift by email before the event.  (Talk about less stress for the volunteer coordinator!)

It’s very intuitive to plan a day, copy it for recurring events, and to manually add volunteers from a paper signup sheet (with or without email addresses). Take a look at the demonstration video to see how easy it is.

For volunteer coordinators, this system will save you a ton of time and stress — not to mention eliminating all those pesky reply-all emails! However, the most amazing outcome of using VolunteerSpot to coordinate volunteering is that you’re likely to wind up with more volunteers offering to help! Many potential volunteers are put off by communication overload and disorganization. Make it easy for people to help out and more people will volunteer to help!

About the author:

Carissa Rogers is a busy mom of 3 from small-town Oregon who volunteers as much as she can — as the PTO Vice President at her kids’ elementary, as her church’s women’s group leader, and just about wherever else she’s asked. She joined Team VolunteerSpot to share a good thing with other busy moms and gets GoodNCrazy on her personal blog.

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