Tips to Make Your Science Fair Project More Meaningful

It’s science fair time for many schools across the country. If you’re a parent of a young scientist who is turning your kitchen into a laboratory, and you’re overwhelmed, here are some ways to make the project more meaningful. Participating in the school science fair is a fantastic opportunity to uncover the power of the scientific method. You’ll ask new questions, discover new science facts, conduct experiments that lead you to ask new questions and make new discoveries, and ultimately gain a new understanding of how science works. The best part is making the mini discoveries on your way to un-covering a conclusion. Watch the video to learn how to take the most popular science fair demonstration, the baking soda and vinegar volcano and turn it into a real science fair project.

For more help in finding a science fair project or getting science fair project ideas, how to put together a science fair board and lots of tips and ideas, check out our Science Fair Project section >

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  1. aimee
    aimee says:

    i love your videos i showed them to my mom and she loves them to i also showed them to my teatcher and he started useing some of you experiments in the class it was so mutch fun thanks a lot for turning a boring lession and macking so you want to come to class and so your exsited about learning

  2. Ms F
    Ms F says:

    this website and experiments vid demonstrations….All iz well n REALLY v.helpful not only 4 students bt also 4 v teacherz as well.i always got praised by my students n seniors by aplying scientifis rules in a magical way.ThAnkS n keep doing ur job.


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