Meet a Scientist & Share Your Ideas with the Kid's Science Challenge

The Kid’s Science Challenge, presented by the radio series Pulse of the Planet and the National Science Foundation, is open for students in 3rd to 6th grade. It’s a unique opportunity for students to explore the world of science and technology and share their ideas with real live scientists. The competition also offers lots of cool prizes including trips to meet with those real live scientists.

The competition offers three science topics and asks students to come up with an idea, question or problem to submit to a group of expert scientists and engineers. The students are expected to research and learn about one of the topics and then submit their ideas.

There is a grand prize winner in each topic. The winner(s) visit and collaborate with the scientists and engineers in their research settings. Winners will travel to Point Reyes, California; Mississippi and New Orleans; Seattle and the Northwest; New York or New England. This is the chance of a lifetime to spend time with an expert in the science field.

A number of runners-up will also be selected and will win one of a variety of science kits and toys. There are many cool prizes including science kits, telescopes, night vision goggles, microscopes and more. You can even win a Steve Spangler Science Ooze Kit.

The first 1,000 entries receive a free science kit. But hurry, the contest is open until February 28, 2011. Winners will be announced on May 2, 2011. For more information, visit the Kid’s Science Challenge website and submit your ideas.

The scientific topics are:

Magical Microbes

Can You Find Magic In Microbes? Did you know you have trillions of tiny creatures living inside you? They’re called microbes, and they’re everywhere. Bacteria, germs, and viruses are all microbes. Billions are in your guts right now, working to digest the tuna fish sandwich you had for lunch! Microbes do all kinds of useful things. They can help make electricity, biodegradable plastic, and bread. They’re even helping to clean up the Gulf oil spill! Can you think of a brand new way that microbes can help us?

Sensational Sounds

Can You Invent A New Musical Instrument? Bang on a drum. Strum a guitar. Blow into a flute. Do you hear those sounds you make? They’re all caused by vibrations. When you make music, the air pulses in rhythm around your musical instrument. Why does a piano sound different than a violin? Because every instrument creates its own special vibrations in the air. Now we want to hear your good vibrations! Can you invent your own musical instrument with a brand new sound?

Material Science

Can You Create Super Stuff for Sports? Put on one type of sneaker and you’ll jump into the air like a basketball champ. Put on another type and you’ll barely get off the floor. If you want to know why, ask a materials scientist. They study what things are made of and develop new materials that work better. And when it comes to sports, material scientists are improving equipment by leaps and bounds! Bouncier balls, faster skis, safer bike helmets: material scientists are creating them all. Now it’s your turn. Can you come up with a new idea for a material or sports gear to help you play your favorite sport better?

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  1. Jim Metzner
    Jim Metzner says:

    Thanks for the posting, Steve!
    Here’s an update: we still have kits left, but they’re going fast! We encourage people to not wait until the last minute,to insure receiving a free hands-on activity kit.

    All the Best;
    Producer, Kids’ Science Challenge


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