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HerWorld Conference Encourages Young Women in Science and Technology

I was invited to speak at this year’s HerWorld 2010 Conference put on by DeVry University in Denver. HerWorld is a conference for high school junior and senior young women interested in science and technology. It supports STEM – Science, Technology, Engineering and Math and exposes students to career opportunities in those fields.

They participate in games, hands-on projects like building robots and circuit boards and live discussions. They even do a mock CSI crime scene investigation for those interested in forensics as a possible career path.

I spoke to a group of more than 650 young women about the importance of building connections, sharing ideas and creating experiences for others. I may have also shot off a few potatoes and giant smoke rings.

Everyone took part in a group science lesson about Bernoulli’s Principal and inflated giant Wind Bags. A perfect time to take out the phones and take some pictures to share.

Thanks to everyone at DeVry for hosting me at the event.

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