Ooey Gooey Science – Lisa Murphy's Color Mixing Madness with Shaving Cream

Who could turn down an opportunity to make a mess with shaving cream and learn about color mixing with the always fun Lisa Murphy? Not me! When I learned that Lisa and her husband, Tom, were planning a trip to Colorado, I asked if she would be a guest on Science Mondays at 9News. The real fun for me, however, was getting to spend down time with Lisa away from the hustle and bustle of a conference. I’m honored to get to consider her a colleague and friend. We laughed about the idea of getting to spend an entire weekend together with a few hundred of our favorite early childhood teachers for something that would probably be well beyond extreme. I don’t think we’d ever be invited back to that hotel. Just a thought…

Watch Lisa in action as she shares one of her signature color mixing demos with shaving cream!

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  1. Denver Daredevil
    Denver Daredevil says:

    I watched this episode and would love to do it with my grandson, however, I cannot find anywhere that tells me what she was using for “color”. Can someone enlighten me?

    • karen phillips
      karen phillips says:

      At our school we use either food coloring or marker water. For marker water take dried up markers and put each color in a separate container. When you have a few markers, maybe 5-10, add a little water and the remaining ink in the markers gets sucked out. I actually like it better than food color as it doesn’t stain as much.

  2. Victoria Henderson
    Victoria Henderson says:

    Great experiment! I hope to try it out soon…but, can I use regular multipurpose copy paper for this? The paper Lisa used looked ‘shiny’, unless it was just reflecting the lights. Thanks!

  3. Angie Pflanz
    Angie Pflanz says:

    Lisa uses Liquid Watercolor, which you can buy through Discount School Supply. http://www.discountschoolsupply.com. I buy lots of it, and it is useful for SO many fun sensory and art activities. Oriental Trading Company also started to sell something similar, but I have not used it. Hope this helps!


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