After Dinner Science: The Ultimate Table Trick Challenge

You are busy cooking the turkey and preparing all the side dishes. Then everyone will sit down to enjoy a Thanksgiving feast. But do you have a finale to your perfect meal today? You need to amaze your guests with the ultimate table trick challenge. Yes, we will be performing this in the Spangler home this evening.

Drop the egg in the bottle, make the egg fly, whip off the table cloth and make a soda geyser all in under 60 seconds. The soda geyser will be the big finish with the guests drinking from the fountain.

Did you take the Table Trick Challenge this Thanksgiving? If you did, leave us a comment below or send us a picture or video of your family taking the challenge. Happy Thanksgiving from all of us at Steve Spangler Science.

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  1. Aparna
    Aparna says:

    Dear Mr.Spangler,
    I am a new viewer to your website and i justt saw your exploding soda geyser video. I was just wondering if the mentos make the coke taste any different and if this works with all sodas.



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