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Kitchen Science – Dry Ice Mini Smoke Ring Launcher

It’s dry ice season, or Halloween time. It’s all the same in our office. Every year I try to find something new and exciting to do with dry ice for Halloween. We receive hundreds of calls in the office at this time each year about where to find dry ice, how to store it and how to use it in the classroom or at a Halloween party. This year I’ve made a handheld smoke ring launcher. It’s kitchen science in your hand, it’s addictive and of course it’s educational.

Watch the video for step by step instructions or head over to the experiment on the Dry Ice Smoke Ring Launcher. For more on dry ice, how to find it, how to handle it and what it is, read the Q&A blog post on all you’ve ever wanted to know about dry ice.

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  1. Linda Brzezinski
    Linda Brzezinski says:

    I brought this to my National Chemistry Week demo and kids loved it! At home we found more fun dry ice things to do. We put a coin on its edge into a block of ice and watched it “shiver”. Then we laid the coin down on the dry ice and used a dropper to make “instant ice scuptures” out of water drops. If you drop the water directly onto the dry ice it bounces off, but with the coin, it freezes to the coin and soon you can build a tiny snowman.


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