New Use for Our Windbags – Instaflator Blows Up Sleeping Pad in One Breath

We always love seeing our products in action… and we especially love it when someone finds a new use for one. We ran across this YouTube video featuring our Windbag (you can see our logo on the side) as a tool to help inflate an air mattress. As a tool for science teachers, the Windbag is an amazing activity that illustrates Bernoulli’s Principle. It’s possible to inflate an 8 foot bag with a single breath of air. How is that possible? The secret is to stand back and blow a stream of air into the bag. Bernoulli’s Principle teaches us that this fast-moving air creates an area of low pressure around the opening where outside air can also flow into the bag. Here’s the Windbag in action.

Simply attach the Windbag to the air nozzle on your sleeping pad, inflate it with one breath, then roll up the Windbag from the top towards the pad, pushing the air from the Windbag into the sleeping pad. Then Bam! you have a good night’s rest waiting for you without getting lightheaded or out of breath. No need to spend time and breaths blowing up your pad. You can even use it to blow up your pool inflatables.

This is a great example of creativity in action… solving a problem using tools that are simple, cost-effective and easy to use. Nice job.

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