Giant Red Balloons Find a New Home After Balloon Boy Experiment


Contrary to popular belief, we didn’t just cut the bag of potatoes free after our impromptu Balloon Boy experiment. My luck, the bag would somehow break free, potatoes would rain down upon some poor unsuspecting fool, and I’d end up going to jail (while Richard Heene gets a reality TV show out of the deal). Instead, we needed to find a good home for 45 giant red balloons filled with helium. My manager, Carly Reed, had her own special experiment… “I wonder if all of these balloons will fit into Brian Firooz’s office?” Within seconds of uttering her hypothesis, Carly had a team of co-workers running for Brian’s office.

Conclusion? They fit.

Red-Balloon-Office-Prank-3 Red-Balloon-Office-Prank-1 Red-Balloon-Office-Prank-2

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