Egg in the Bottle Trick – A Special Request from Twitter

It’s back to school time and, these days, that means time for teachers to start compiling new classroom ideas from the internet. Whether looking at blogs, chatting on Twitter or browsing educational sites, most teachers have moved into the “techno-age” and are embracing the internet as a forum for sharing and gaining knowledge, tips and idea. In fact, I received a tweet over the weekend from a teacher looking for a little advice on sharing the classic Egg in a Bottle trick during her Back to School Night.

In the spirit of inspiring more teachers to incorporate technology in the classroom, I took this teacher’s Twitter inquiry to my weekly 9News segment and gave the instructions on how to get the egg in the bottle. Watch the video … and if you have any questions be sure to send me a tweet.


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  1. SciLabWoman
    SciLabWoman says:

    I saw that request on Twitter, and now here you are on TV, answering the man’s question! AWESOME, Steve! Besides which, the egg in the bottle is one of my favorites. You rock! And, you’re right up front when it comes to social media!

  2. Brian Carson
    Brian Carson says:


    I have been looking at your site for some new ideas for the new school year. I have to tell you how much I enjoy your demos! You explain the science in a fun way with easy language. I show your video clips to my class on a regular basis, and they really enjoy them. I will be sure to try the egg in the bottle trick this year! Thanks again for all of your efforts.

  3. Steve Spangler
    Steve Spangler says:

    Thanks for your kind words about our websites. I’ll be sure to pass along your thoughts to our web team and our science content editors. While I might come up with an idea for a science demo to do on television, that decision sets a whole line of things in motion from content being posted in our Experiment Library to posting video, grabbing pictures and running everything past our “science editor” for accuracy. It’s comments like yours that assures everyone on our team that people are actually using the experiments, watching the videos and having fun (all at the same time, we hope). Have a blast with the Egg in the Bottle trick.

  4. x97
    x97 says:

    what would be the review of literature of this experiment? me an my partner don’t know what it would be exactly. so i was hoping you could tell us. thanks! 🙂


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