Teacher Earns Accolades for Exciting Use of Science and Children's Literature

great-customer-press-release-11Early childhood teachers know that getting kids excited about science is only part of the challenge. Today’s young learners need more than excitement and motivation – they need opportunities to actually DO more science on a daily basis. That’s why we love using children’s literature that connect with our science activities… and that’s why we were so excited to talk to Lisa Felske.

Lisa teaches workshops to Pre-K through second grade teachers on how to combine physics concepts with children’s literature. As part of the Harris County Board of Education, Lisa presents her workshops to teachers throughout her region. And, now, her efforts have received the attention of some major companies. Lisa is receiving grant money from Shell, Boeing Company, American Honda Foundation and the Henry and Camille Dreyfus Foundation that will allow teachers to attend her workshops and provide Lisa with the necessary materials to conduct those workshops.

Congratulations Lisa on your grant money and keep up the good work! For more information on Lisa’s training programs click on the press release above.

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