Insta-Snow Girl Signs at Jacksonville University

arianne_heatona_1Just walk into any toy store and you’ll see her face on a product label or the side of a box that contains Insta-Snow® (it’s the powder that turns into snow when you add water… but that’s not important). Arianne Heaton was a student of mine at Willow Creek Elementary years ago and today she signed her National Letter of Intent to play soccer at Jacksonville University in Florida. She’s an amazing young lady who excels in everything she does (science too), but her real calling is soccer. Arianne just finished her final U-18 season with Colorado Rush at a New Year’s tournament in Disney World. The girls are all Seniors and will go on to play their final high school season and then it’s on to college.

It’s an exciting day for us to see our “snow girl” embark on the next big adventure of her life as she accepts a wonderful scholarship to play soccer at Jacksonville University. As Arianne was signing the paperwork, her parents, Lisa and Gordon Heaton, realized that they shouldn’t have been as hard on her as a kid for kicking the soccer ball through the living room window seventeen times. Her parents now own a window replacement company.

Congratulations Arianne!


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  1. Lisa Heaton
    Lisa Heaton says:

    WOW! How fun to see a little girl all grown up and on to the next big adventure! Her mom and dad were hoping being the Insta-snow cover girl was going to put her through college, but decided we should have a back-up plan, so soccer was the choice. When Arianne was 6, and playing her first season of recreational soccer, she said, “I don’t like chasing a ball around the field.” But then, at age 7 something changed and her passion for the game began. She’d run down to one end of the field and score, then run back to play defense. For the next 11 years she became a soccer crazed girl, loving EVERYTHING about the game! We are so proud of her accomplishment. Long ago Arianne set a personal goal of playing Division One soccer. Now, she’s reached that special goal. All those practices in the cold, games in the snow (REAL snow) and her personal commitment have paid off BIG! Thanks Steve for your support over the years! Look OUT Mia Hamm

  2. Dotti & Evan Bornholtz
    Dotti & Evan Bornholtz says:

    Arianne, we are impressed and proud of your accomplishments. Enjoy your college experience. It really is a great time of life!

  3. Rollin and Jeni
    Rollin and Jeni says:

    Wow. What a great day. Congratulations again Arianne and best of luck for all the times ahead.

    (I didn’t even know about the insta-snow thing)

  4. Linda and Susie
    Linda and Susie says:

    Arianne we are so proud of you. You have grown into such a powerful young woman. We look forward to following your career in college. Congratulations.


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