Mrs. Boorom's Students Turn Ordinary Paper into High-Flying Rockets

Mrs. Boorom’s students turned their eyes to the afternoon skies as they put their paper rockets to the test. Using a an air-powered PVC launcher, the students fire off 25 rockets made from only construction paper, tape and a small ball of modeling clay. As part of their homework, the students were asked to share their experience as part of this blog post. The fourth graders learned the importance of using only their first names when they post and were required to involve their parents in this project as they used the Internet to post their stories. Read the responses below (pictures to follow).

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  1. Chris D.
    Chris D. says:

    At School today the 4th grade (my grade) launched our rockets. Even though I had many difficulties with making my rocket, it managed to fly! At about 1:30 p.m. my class went outside to launch our rockets. I was so exited to see how my rocket was going to do. I was at the launcher. The count down started “5,4,3,2,1.” Of my rocket went, soaring through the sky. I was filled with enjoyment. Even though I didn’t get 1,2 or 3 our class finalist(s) did amazing. Our class was pumped up (more than any other class). But sadly Kate L. only got 3rd. This day beame one of the best days of my life.

  2. Lara
    Lara says:

    At Wilder today all the 3rd and 4th graders heard was 5,4,3,2,1 blastoff. My rocket was in 7th place. That is still pretty good because some peoples rocket blew-up. There was a mini real rocket there. It went up about 100-200 ft. high. It landed in the church parking lot. It was awesome to see the rocket go so high! Then the mini parashute come out. It looked so sweet. If I could change my rocket I would shorten the fins up. Today was the best day ever!

  3. Lauren
    Lauren says:

    Before my rocket took of,f I placed it on the lancher and everyone started to yell “5..,4..,3..,2..,1.. blast off!”. It went up in the sky really far, but slowly starting to desend!! It landed with a crash and bent the nose. I was glad I used strong tape. When it landed, my rocket was the farthest rocket of the everyone who had gone before me so far! I was so excited! When everyone had launched their rockets, mine was not the farthest anymore, but it didn’t matter because I had a great time. Next time I might change the angle of the launcher so it will go higher.

  4. Kate
    Kate says:

    Yesterday we started to build are paper rockets with help from Steve Spangler. Then we went home to improve are rockets and decorate then. Today we launched are rockets we were so worried because Mrs. Boorom thought that we could not launch are rockets, but Steve Spangler saved the day for us all and said that we could launch are rockets because the snow had melted. My rocket got stuck in the fence when I did mine. I finished second and I wouldn’t change my rocket any.

  5. Jessie K.
    Jessie K. says:

    Today my rocket flew VERY far. Some rockets didn’t go so far. Two of them only went about 2 feet. Some of them had no wings, 2 wings, 3 wings or 4 wings. One of them even had a teddy bear. Mine was not so pretty, bit it worked well. I got 2nd place out of my class. I got 4th place out of all 12 students (3 top placers from each class.) I was really suprised. If I was going to do it again, I would have 4 wings.
    Thank you Mr. Spangler!!

  6. maggie martin
    maggie martin says:

    At school today all the 4th graders launched the rockets we made yesterday. The rockets are made out of paper, clay and of course tape. Today we all launched!~!~! the only two that blew up was Jordans and Ed’s but the rest could fly. Mine came in 13th place because my rocket was not balanced but it still managed to go far. My heart was filled with joy when my whole class started chearing for me. The three finalist from our class (Kate Jessie and Mariha) got to compete against the three finalist from the three other classes. The countdown started for our classes 3 finalist 5 4 3 2 1 and off they went all three of them went soaring over the fence. I was so happy. In the end, Claire from Ms. Culvers class was in 1st place, Kate from our class was in 2nd place and Nick from Ms. Bowers class came in 3rd. Then a suprise guest arrived, Mr. Hall, the rocket engineer. He blasted off a 5 ft. rocket that he built. The rocket was blue and orange and was named Bronco. It went soaring about 100 yards. It was all very exciting until we had to go home.

  7. George H.
    George H. says:

    At school today we launched rockets. First we had to build one, mine was green and yellow I called it the Green Bay Bomb. When we finally launched. I stood waiting till it was finaly my turn. I was dieing to see how far it went. Then I whent up and placed it on the tub. I amid for the socer feild and fired it went so far. I got fourth wich was pretty good. If i could change my rocket I would of put 4 wings insted of 2.

  8. Megan E.
    Megan E. says:

    Today we launched rockets. But yesterday we had to build them out of constuction paper, tape and clay. Mine was green and pink with polka dotted fins. It went really far my rocket was near the fence!! The top 3 in our class were Kate, Jessie and Meriah. They got to compete against the other classes top 3 flyers. In 1st was Claire from Mrs. Culvers’s class and in 2nd was Kate from our class and in 3rd was Nick from Mrs. Bower’s class. Last after all the top 3 went and placed we got to see Mr.Hall’s huge rocket that went over the fence and behind the pre school. If I were to do it again, I would put 4 fins on it instead of 2 to make it go farther.

  9. skippy
    skippy says:

    George H. I liked the creativity you used in naming your rocket. My class and I are going to do the same activity in a couple weeks I can’t wait!!!

  10. M&M
    M&M says:

    I love how Megan described her rocket and how it looked and also how she had some creative ideas that if she were to do it again she would put four fins on the rocket instead of two and I thought that it was very clever.

  11. Kit Kat
    Kit Kat says:

    Wow that is amazing that Kate and Jessie K. got to compete agents the other classes. That must have been so much fun!

  12. giggles
    giggles says:

    I was amazed when Lara explained how her rocket went 100-200 feet high and only got seventh place. It makes me wonder how high the first place rocket went.

  13. Garfield
    Garfield says:

    I am a student at Willow Creek Elementary. It looked like you guys had a lot of fun with your rockets. Steve is going to help us with paper rockets too. I also enjoyed your response on the launch. I’t was very detailed. GREAT JOB!!!


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