Miss Culver's Class Launches Rockets

The young rocketeers at Wilder Elementary almost had their mission scrubbed due to a Spring snowstorm that delivered about five inches of snow overnight. By 11:00 AM, however, the snow was almost gone and the kids were ready to launch. After a quick lesson in etiquette for bloggers, each of the students was given the assignment of posting their experience as a comment on this blog post. Read the responses below.

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  1. sam s.
    sam s. says:

    hi my name is sam im going to tell you what my rocket look like.it had green siran wrap around it and the fins had it to. the nose conewas green and wasn’t that pointy.thaat is why i think it did no do so well.mine was probilly the 15 closest to the launch pad.it was so cool when morgans dad came in and launch that rocket.i think i could of done a lot better .well thanks for coming in bye.

  2. Hannah
    Hannah says:

    My rocket, HANNAH’S HIGH FLYER is very interesting. First of all, it is striped with Sharpies and has 4 colored wings. Unfortuneatly, it blew up during launch,and only flew about 10 meters. When I opened the nose cone, there was no modeling clay! So I can conclude that it didn’t fly well. I think that if my modeling clay was secure, it would fly great. To make it better, I could double check my clay and remove one of my 4 wings. But in all, the rocket launch was really fun.

  3. Samantha A.
    Samantha A. says:

    I had an awsome time launching rockets! My rocket had a red nose cone, blue body, and tan wings. It’s name is Soaring Samantha. It went farther than I expected. When I launched, it looked like it went soooo far, but it really didn’t make it even halfway across the soccer field. It didn’t do well because it didn’t make it farther than most others. I think it did that because it only had 2 wings. I could add more wings to it to make it better. Maybe then, I could reach my goal:Hlafay across the soccer field. The top 3 farthest rockets were created by Claire, Harry, and Nick.

  4. melissa F.
    melissa F. says:

    Hello everyone and classmates.Here is my paragraph.I hope u like it!
    My rocket has fins, ribbons around the fins,and a skinny blue piece of paper that goes around my rocket going up,up, and away!It looks very pretty from a distance.My rocket probably did not do very well when we launched them because it was too loose,the top,not the body.Next time I will use more tape on the top, but not too much because then it would make my rocket top-heavy so much!My rocket would probably collapse if it was top-heavy.I would probably use lighter tape.

    Bye everyone see u on Friday!

  5. Allie S.
    Allie S. says:

    I learned so much in the last couple days with Steve. It was really fun to launch our rockets. It was really cool to see how everybodys rocket was so different and how each persons rocket flew so much differently than others. I learned about Newton’s Laws and alot about rockets and gravity. I think I could have enhanced my eocket by putting more stuff on it so thaat it looked better than a plain paper rocket. I also could have enhanced it by putting more things on it so that it flew through the air better. Ithink my rocket did really well ecause I didn’t put tto much stuff on it to wear my rocket down. Thanks Steve. By.

  6. senan Castellino
    senan Castellino says:

    Thanks for coming to our school .Ilearned that with tail fins your rockets will fly father and faster. But most of all we all had a great time with you. You inspire us to try experimenting like you and neaver give up on our goals. Scince is manly about having fun and being happy. All the scince about rockets was from you. Your projects are showing kids arould to get up and have fun with scince. You make scince sound so mucher than our parents,teachers,and family. So try and do this in 5th grade with us again please. It is so cool that you know how to make cool things out of construction paper. The things you teach us are facts we might need to know when we grow up. These are people could live on. And for now Steve and I have to go so bye for now.

  7. Jake G
    Jake G says:


    Today I learned about Newtons Laws and learned how to fly them. The first one is Inertia and its defenition is a object won’t move unless a force acts upon it.The second law is F=MA what means for every action there is a equal and oppisite reaction.
    I thought my rocket will shoot about 50 yards and won’t break. I also think that the wings will help it fly 2/5 of the 50 yards.
    This is what my rocket looks like. It was wrapped in tin foil, had wings, and its name was Watcher 1. The name came from some one who looks over someone is called a watcher or you watch over someone.
    Mr. spngler also used Melisa as a mop. It was pretty funny.
    Finnaly this is how my rocket worked. It flew a aproxamate of 50 yords and worked. It was pretty awesome.
    Got to go and I’ll see you Friday classmates.

  8. Angelo R.
    Angelo R. says:

    Hi! I had a great time today launching my rocket. My rocket is named “The Bomber”. My rocket is black with red flames on the bottom and it has US Air Force stickers all over it. My rocket has 3 fins and a large yellow nose-cone. My rocket did not do as well as I thought it would and it’s probably due to it being too heavy on top. I could probably make my rocket better by making the nose-cone not as big and heavy as it is. All in all, I had a great time making my rocket and launching them with everyone today!

  9. Megan M.
    Megan M. says:

    This is my interesting paragraph that I did today at blast off. My rocket has a few stuff on it. My rocket had a light piece of construstion paper that was pink for my nozzle. I had a blue body on my rocket too. I also had fins that I had colored dark pink. That’s what I had on my rocket. Last, I had sayed my rockets name with a sharpie and wrote Mercurey for its name. My rocket had flew so hard that it came in fourth place. Although, I didn’t get a place through 1-3, I still thought my rocket did really good at blast off today. I though it would do good beacause it was light weight. Also, I thought it would do good because I had a good nozzle. If I didn’t do well then I wouldn’t care. I woudn’t care because it was just are first rocket to do. If I would do better I would flatten the nozzle a little. I also would of done 3 fins because I had only done 2 fins when I had done my rocket at home. This is how I thought I did on my rocket that had done its best for my first rocket. Thank you so much for teaching my class and I about rockets and Newton’s Laws in these fun days with you. Bye!

  10. noah s
    noah s says:

    hi everyone and classmates. if u r reading this i hope u enjoy my paregraph. MY rocket is blue with cool fins. i also put some left over guitar hero stickers on it it looks so cool. I put on some leather cord on it flapped in the wind. unfortuatley the top was not secure enough so it blew off. to help make it fly better i should put more tape to secure it. if i did it probally woul have flown better. if ur my classmate c u tomorrow

  11. Samantha A.
    Samantha A. says:

    I had an awsome time launching rockets! My rocket had a red nose cone, blue body, and tan wings. It’s name is Soaring Samantha. It went farther than I expected. When I launched, it looked like it went soooo far, but it really didn’t make it even halfway across the soccer field. It didn’t do well because it didn’t make it farther than most others. I think it did that because it only had 2 wings. I could add more wings to it to make it better. Maybe then, I could reach my goal:Halfay across the soccer field. The top 3 farthest rockets were created by Claire, Harry, and Nick.

  12. Emily T.
    Emily T. says:

    I had a really great time! I think that the reason my rocket did not do too well was that I did not put any wings on it and that I made it top heavy. I think that I would do better now if we did it again because I learned that it will fly better if it had wings and because I saw how I did today, and I did a mediocre job! It was top heavy because I think I put to much modeling clay on the top. I think that the modeling clay did not help the rocket because it made it top heavy. Plus, I put a whole bunch of tape on the top, so that made it top heavy also! Thanks again!

  13. Lauren P.
    Lauren P. says:


    Thanks so much for coming in. My rocket is cool. I spray painted it bright green. It has posterboard wings. It didn’t fly very far. It was probably too heavy. I would make it better by making paper wings instead of posterboard wings like the top three winners. I could also make it better by taking off one top. So, thanks again, Steve, for teaching us and launching our rockets.

    Lauren P.

  14. Amelia W.
    Amelia W. says:

    My green rocket called the Recycle Rocket had a pointy nose cone and a star on it. It had large fins, except it exploded. I think it blew up because it had to much clay. I could have made it better by getting the nose cone on a little better. Thanks for putting all of this together for us. It was outstanding!
    -Amelia Watson

  15. Madison
    Madison says:

    It was great launching the rockets today! My rocket had a blue construction paper body and a pink nosecone. Mine didn’t fly well because the nosecone was not taped on well and the modeling clay did not completely cover the hole. I had fun launching my rocket!

  16. Skylar
    Skylar says:

    My rocket just exploded into 3 or so peaces. My whole rocket except my clay landed about 2 1/2 yards away and my clay landed a yard from there.I think my rocket was top heavy and the tape came off,even though I put alot.I still had alot of fun with the activity and hope Mr. Spangler will come back soon!

  17. Claire K.
    Claire K. says:

    My rocket, KANTOR 6, is very interesting. First, it has a skinny yellow nose cone with a green smiley face on it, a blue body with green smiley faces all over it with the name going down it’s side, and 3 small (kind of) triangle shaped fins at the bottom of it. Second of all, my rocket did really good. In my class, it went the sencond farthest. In the grade, it went the farthest because Harry’s (the kid who got the farthest) rocket blew up. In the second round my rocket went into the church (we have a church next to our school) parking lot. Over the black top area, over the soccer field and into the parking lot. I think it went the farthest because the skinny nose cone cut through the air and the fins made it aerodynamic. ALso, I think the wait was balanced good. Third, inthe first round my rocket went strait into the ground and stayed there until I went and got it. I had a lot of fun doing the rocket launch. Thanks alot for putting this all together and teaching us some really cool things Mr. Spangler!! It was extrodinary!! I loved it!! THanks! Bye!!!!

  18. Claire K.
    Claire K. says:

    Oh and one more thing Mr. Spangler. Thanks alot for teaching me how to build a rocket. Thanks for the prizes too!! I learned alot from you and I hope you come back soon! I had a lot of fun with the activity and I hope some day I can do it again!! Thanks again!!
    P.S. I think I will have fun with the mento’s and diet soda that you gave me. It will be a blast!!!!

  19. John E.
    John E. says:

    My rocket was called the Lucky Star I. Lucky Star 1 did not do well because the capsule was too big and not connected. My rockets capsule blasted off and split in two. Altogether, My rocket ended up in three pieces. Last, I am rebuilding my rocket and renaming it Lucky star II. All in all, Lucky Star I was not so lucky.

  20. Harry Mck
    Harry Mck says:

    My blue, small cone, fin rocket launched right over the fence into the parking lot. I think mine did well becuase once the thrust stopped it started to spiral like an airplane. Then when it was done propelling it started to glide. My best guess is that it traveled 110 yards. I think I am going to add a carve to my fins next time becuase I saw another kid who did that and his rocket went far. I had very good time with Steve Spangler.

  21. Nick
    Nick says:

    Today my class@Wilder Elementary had tons of fun launching rockets with Steve Spangler. First, my rocket, Atlantis7 is made out of construction paper and very nice paper, and to get the body shape I wrapped it around a pvc pipe. Next, we took the rockets home and put the wings on it and the tip. Third, we got to launch them, and everyone’s went pretty far and in my class I got 3rd in the top 3. Fourth, it was so fun doing the Final 12 , everyone was so nervous and I was 4th in the final but I didn’t make it . All in all, all of the classes had a blast doing the rockets.

  22. Olivia F.
    Olivia F. says:

    My rockets colors are gold and the cone is. I felt really excited when it flew and it was great I thought. I could have put the luancher in a differend angle and it woould go fuhter. i had so much fun.

  23. Krystalized
    Krystalized says:

    Dear Ms. Wilder’s Class,
    This sounds so much fun! I can’t wait to do it with my class!! Of course they’ll be bottle rockets and ones from a package! I’m glad I got a first look!

    Mrs. Heaton’s Student,

  24. Tic Tac
    Tic Tac says:

    Allie S,

    I liked how you described and explained about how you could improve your rocket. Those are really good ideas that I should take into consideration when my class builds our rockets. I can’t wait to launch my rocket and I hope it is successful! Bye!

  25. banana#1
    banana#1 says:

    I thought Hannah’s was very funny and interesting. It was funny when her rocket blew up at launch and only flew 10 meters. I thought it was interesting how you knew what the trouble was. You did a great job!


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