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More Science on the Ellen Show – Coming February 13, 2008

Ellen Show Spangler ScienceAccording to her producers, Ellen DeGeneres is still wild about science… and she wants to know what I might have up my sleeve for February 13th. During the first visit, Ellen changed her voice, triggered a eruption of oxygen bubbles and shot giant smoke rings at the audience. Ellen performed the famous Tablecloth Trick on the second visit, prepared food using liquid nitrogen and showed everyone an explosive way to carve pumpkins.

What's up for February 13th? The only thing we can say at this point is… beakers, bowls, light bulbs and a cement truck. Should be fun.

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  1. Victoria L.
    Victoria L. says:

    Ellen said something on her show yesterday about you being on the show next week. Our entire staff got together in the teacher’s lounge to watch you the last time you were on in November or December. I can’t wait to see what you’re doing with a cement truck.

  2. Sage Hunter
    Sage Hunter says:

    I think More Science on the show is great. Lets get all kids interested in the world through these types of activities. I came across a neat science project by a kid in the states. He is trying to learn about new cultures by trying to blog around the world. Lets help him out by posting a comment about your culture and passing his blog along http://aroundtheworldscience.blogspot.com/

  3. Tiffany
    Tiffany says:

    I just got done watching all the video clips on Ellen’s site of today’s show (Just because I’m at work doesn’t mean I can’t still watch my favorite science guy!) and I have to say the tub of Oobleck was just fantastic!! You do some amazing things for teachers, providers, parents, and most importantly children in giving them the gift of science and what it can do! Thanks again Steve for being that #1 guy in this wonderful world of science and experiments!

  4. Debbie Smith
    Debbie Smith says:

    Wow! Another great Ellen show. My 26 year old daughter called to say, “Steve Spangler is on Ellen.” My 17 year old daughter and my 11 year old son watched with me and we just loved the demos. Steve, thank you for giving us moms and teachers ways to be “cool” through science.

    Going out for corn starch in Arizona

  5. Melissa P.
    Melissa P. says:

    My girls and I saw Steven Spangler on the Ellen show in November. We were so excited we went right to the web site and downloaded many of the experiments. My 11 year old even had a super science birthday party with the elephant’s toothpast, soda geyser as a few of the hightlights. The other girls loved the party.

    I have been so impressed with the newsletter and cool ideas, and have told so many friends to check it out. We just love that you make science so cool and fun to learn.

  6. Kim
    Kim says:

    Ellen needs to have you as a regular on her show! I can’t get enough!! I do the cornstarch activity with my class every year, I was amazed to see it transformed on a large scale! Way to keep inspiring us all!

  7. Kelly
    Kelly says:

    I am excited to try many of Steven’s ideas in my 6th grade science class. I don’t have his personality, but I can sure steal his ideas to get science concepts across. Might even have to buy his 25 Science Experiments book.


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