Mr. Luna’s Bright Idea Update

I’ve written about Kenny Luna, an 8th grade science teacher in North Babylon, New York, who wants Oprah to help him give every child in America (PreK-12) just one Compact Fluorescent(CFL) bulb in an effort to reduce electricity costs and lessen the impact on global warming. Kenny just sent me a follow-up with an interesting photo…

“… at the press conference i’m going to talk about how “we’ve asked oprah to stand up with us in the fight against global warming, and that the home depot already is standing up with us here today… is there anyone else who also cares about our childrens futures, and is willing to stand up with us?” We’re going to have all my students standing behind me, holding signs that spell out “HELP US OPRAH!!” That should help too:) “

The picture says it all…


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