Internet addiction and our children

Many kids spend hours and hours long chatting on the net. Which is fine, but not if it interferes with other aspects of their lives. It’s not surprising that Internet addiction would become a problem with the younger generation, since they’re growing up immersed with computer technology and feel more comfortable interacting over the computer than us old fogies. But what makes the Internet so addicting though? I think it’s because it can serve as an escape from pain or from not fitting in. Just like drugs and alcohol can serve as an escape. From my limited understanding of Internet addiction, the warning signs are:

  • if you keep your time spent on the Internet a secret from friends and families.
  • if you find yourself spending increasing amounts of time on the Internet, yet it still doesn’t satisfy you.
  • if you have more personal conversations on the Internet than off
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  1. Denny
    Denny says:

    For the life of me I can’t understand how so many people are becoming addicted to the Internet and to blogging. Are our lives so devoid of meaning that we get hooked on the first thing that seemingly fills that void? If this is even partially on target, what a sad commentary on our “enlightened”? society.

    Your point about the Internet being an “escape from pain” or from “not fitting” in probably applies a lot to teens and young adults. I honestly believe, however, that there are people who are addicted to the Internet who are in little or no pain and who are not trying to escape from anything. I’m not sure of all the dynamics going on, but I would imagine that some people find the Internet thrilling and meaningful just as some people find drinking alcohol fun and enjoyable.

    My 2 cents 🙂



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