uv color changing beads


Science Fair 911 – Tips for Parents

By Guest Blogger Debbie Leibold  "It's science fair time!"  Those words cause many parents to panic and ask questions like, "How are we going to have time for this?"  "What experiment should my child do?"  "I have no science background--how…

Make Your Own Mixed Up Chameleon with UV Color Changing Beads

Ann Bridgewater, a teacher who traveled to Denver all the way from Hong Kong to attend Science in the Rockies this year, shared a very cool project with us. She uses UV Color Changing Beads to craft Mixed Up Chameleons for a little craft/science/literacy…

Test the Power of Sunscreen with UV Color Changing Beads

Mom always warned you to never look at the sun, but what are you to do when your teacher encourages it? Don't worry... the kids are in the capable hands of Solar Science expert and teacher, Jim Stryder. I recently met up with Jim at the Western…