Halloween Party Ideas



Moms Like Me Magazine – Halloween Fun for Children

We are honored to be included in the October edition of Moms Like Me Magazine. Our Halloween Science Kit was chosen to be featured in the Just for Fun section for safe Halloween activities. Our Halloween Science Kit features some of the…

A Twist on an Old Favorite – Screaming Ghost Balloons

We love to see a twist or a new idea for one of our experiments and activities. One of our favorite bloggers Janelle at Brimful Curiousities, shared this idea on her blog. We loved it so much, we want to share it with our readers... Janelle…

Spooky Halloween Slime Recipes

Halloween, science and, of course, slime all seem to go hand in hand... plus everyone who knows me understands the fact that Halloween is my Christmas.  So, it's no wonder that I can't stop coming up with more and more activities that I just…