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Using YouTube to Teach Science – Videos Inspire a New Generation of Scientists

It's not unusual for our office to get a call or two a week from the media about the Mentos Geyser experiment. Most of the inquires focus on how the reaction works or questions about MENTOS myths. When Tom Whipple from the London Times called,…

Don't Try to Make a Mentos Geyser Using Mentos Gum

After launching thousands and thousands of Mentos Geysers, we like to eat Mentos as much as we play with them. We also love to chew Mentos gum, but learned early on that Mentos gum doesn't work for the old geyser trick. The guys in the video…

Kentucky Students Set New MENTOS Geyser Record

Not to be out-done by Europeans, students at Male High School in Louisville, KY, set off 300 more geysers than the previous record-breaking effort just a few months ago in Belgium. School officials thought exploding Diet Coke and MENTOS would…