egg experiments



Eggceptional Eggs-periments – Walking on Eggs

Have you ever felt like you were walking on eggshells? In this last eggs-periment before the Easter holiday this weekend, you will be. Before you hard boil those eggs, place them on the floor and walk on them. Beware, you will probably break…

Eggceptional Eggs-periments – Incredible Egg Geodes

Do you love crystals? Are you looking for a creative way to color Easter eggs? How about a little kitchen science to kick off the spring weekend? This activity covers all three. A crystal geode takes thousands of years to grow a crystal inside.…

Eggceptional Eggs-periments – Get the Egg in the Bottle

In honor of the fast approaching Easter Holiday (Sunday, April 8th), we are celebrating the amazing, edible egg all week with experiments and activities to do with your eggs. Today, we are celebrating the classic Egg in the Bottle trick. Steve…

Eggceptional Eggs-periments – Rubber, Bouncy, Naked Eggs

For the next two weeks, we are celebrating the incredible edible scientific egg with experiments that you can do using an egg. Or several. We start with making Naked Eggs.   Did you know you can dissolve an eggshell and make…