Bernoulli’s Principle


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Easing the Fears and Anxieties Through Team Building Activities During the First Days of School

By Blog Editor Susan Wells As the back to school season starts, what types of feelings are stirred up? For me, it was always a mixture of excitement and joy over new clothes and school supplies and a knot in my stomach knowing I was headed…

Science Explodes at the Cherry Creek Foundation Luncheon

Steve Spangler, a former teacher and educator for Cherry Creek Schools, brought Bernoulli's Principle to life for 600 people during the 19th Annual Cherry Creek Schools Foundation Luncheon on March 15. The crowd of business leaders, city…

The Floating Paper Airplane Trick – The Reveal

Can you defeat the odds and create a hovering paper airplane? All you need is a sheet of paper, 2 identical fans and a lot of patience. This is a great experiment to teach the principals behind how an airplane flies, lift and drag, and the principals…
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Steve Spangler Science Sets New Guinness World Record at 9News Colorado Rockies Science Day

World's Largest Physics Lesson We're honored to get to say, "We did it!" With a final count of 5,401 people, all armed with Windbags, the seats at Coors Field were flooded with science as we set out to set a new world record for the the Largest…

Floating Beach Balls and Flying Toilet Paper

You can have a ton of fun with a beach ball, a leaf blower and a few dozen rolls of toilet paper. While this is an easy way to "TP" someone's house, may I remind you that you promised to use your powers for good and never evil.
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Back to the Ellen Show – Fire Ball, Toilet Paper and a Bed of Nails

We're back from another taping at the Ellen DeGeneres Show and we had a blast. I use the pronoun "we" because this taping required a team of people to orchestrate the final stunt... the Bed of Nails. This segment featured the Methane Bubble…

Science of the Olympics – The Bernoulli Advantage

I can't help but be amazed by the high-tech science that we're seeing at this year's Summer Olympics. Our 9News friend, Mark Koebrich, who is reporting from Beijing told me that the controversial swimsuit made by Speedo is nothing short of…

The Science of Leadership – Using Cool Science Demos to Increase Participation in Student Council

In 1996 I was asked to be a student council sponsor at Willow Creek Elementary. We had a problem getting kids to show up to student council meetings at 7.30am. Working with Dr. Earl Reum, we came up with the idea of using engaging science demonstrations…