Summer of STEMSoSPrevent summer boredom with science!
SoSPrevent summer boredom with science!

Warm days, no school, freedom from crazy schedules—but before you know it, you’re looking for summer science experiments for kids. Steve Spangler Science has you covered, with expertly designed, meaningful STEM activities to keep children’s minds engaged, off screens, and HAVING FUN!

Energy Stick®

  • Use the Energy Stick to turn your body into a human conductor of electricity
  • Explore the science of electricity and circuits



Solar Bag Balloon Science Experiment

Sun Science Project

  • Fill our Solar Bag with air and let solar energy make it float!
  • Harness the power of the sun as it heats the air inside the bag until lift-off
  • Bags are lightweight and easy to fill!

$16.99   $11.13

SKU: SOLARBAG (2 25-foot solar bag with string)

Magic Sand Starter Set

STEM Learning Kit

  • Magic Sand a hydrophobic polymer, so this sand will never get wet.
  • Kinetic sand can be shaped into underwater sand castles.
  • Explore the differences between Magic Sand and regular sand with our kinetic sand activities.



Geyser Tube

Mentos Geyser Kit

  • Steve’s famous Mentos Geyser Tube
  • A soda eruption that can go 30 feet into the air
  • The Deluxe version comes with 3 additional caps to change the eruption shape
  • Simply pull the pin to release the Mentos, and run for cover
  • Buying in bulk?  Click here for a 10-pack


SKU: 857155 (Extreme Geyser Tube)

The Original

Insta-Snow® Powder

  • The original fake snow polymer
  • Just add water to make gallons of white fluffy snow in seconds!
  • Leave the snow out to dry and reuse it again… and again
  • As seen on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, The Today Show, Good Morning America, 9News, & CBS News


SKU: 855550 (200g, makes 6 gallons)

3 STEM Kit Options!

At Steve Spangler Science, we’re on a mission to inspire a new generation of scientists and engineers. Our STEM Science Kits are an easy way to introduce children to science with five to eight hands-on experiments and challenges in each kit. Steve Spangler pulled together an award-winning team of science teachers and education experts to create kits that are the perfect balance of learning and fun, with included activities that teach children how to think like a scientist.

Wonder, discover and explore the world of science through these convenient, easy-to-follow kits.

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