School Science Fair Project Ideas

School Science Fair Ideas

If you’re looking for science fair ideas, you’ve come to the right place. Sign up and download a free copy of Steve’s Helpful Science Fair Projects Guide and find the inspiration you need to pull off an impressive science fair project. Steve Spangler and his team of award-winning teachers will help you make your next science fair project a guaranteed success with our amazing science fair project kits, free science experiments and engaging how-to videos. Use one of our kits, follow one of our experiments or just borrow a little inspiration to pursue your own imagination. 

  • Growing Bacteria KitGrowing Bacteria Kit

    Bacteria Growing Kit

  • STEM Science Kit: Mix and Match

  • STEM Electric Physics BundleSTEM Electric Physics Bundle

    STEM Electric Physics Bundle

  • First Days of School Bundle

    Science Lesson Starter Bundle

  • STEM Science Kit - Power of AirSTEM Science Kit - Power of Air

    STEM Science Kit: Power of Air STEM Science Kit

  • STEM Science Kit - String Slime GoSTEM Science Kit - String Slime Goo

    STEM Science Kit: String Slime Goo Science Kit

  • STEM Science Kit - Physics Science KitSTEM Science Kit - Physics Science Kit

    STEM Science Kit: Physics Science STEM Kit

  • STEM Color Science BundleSTEM Color Science Bundle

    STEM Color Science Bundle

  • Bacteria Classroom BundleBacteria Classroom Bundle

    Bacteria + Germs Discovery Classroom Bundle

  • STEM Science Kit - Slime Artslime art

    STEM Science Kit: Slime Art

  • STEM Science Kit: Snow ScienceSTEM Science Kit: Snow Science

    STEM Science Kit: Snow Science Kit

  • Halloween Ghost BundleHalloween Ghost Bundle

    Halloween Experiences Classroom Bundle

  • STEM Science Kit: Mysterious Science KitSTEM Science Kit: Mysterious Science Kit

    STEM Science Kit: Mysterious Science Kit

  • STEM Slime Science BundleSTEM Slime Science Bundle

    STEM Slime Science Bundle

  • Halloween Slime BundleHalloween Slime Bundle

    The Halloween Slime Bundle


Amazing Science Fair Kits

There’s no need to struggle to come up with a science fair project idea. Shop the selection of science fair kits at Steve Spangler Science for fun, engaging projects you can do at home or at school. Browse our list of ideas by topic or watch our entertaining Science Fair 101 video for free tips and ideas. We’ve recorded live demonstrations of many of our experiments so you can follow along for the best possible results. You can even sign up to download a free guide to science fair ideas to get you started.

Science Fair Kits and Supplies

Steve Spangler and his team of award-winning teachers have created science fair experiment kits that will help your child impress instructors, parents and classmates. Our kits contain almost everything needed to complete an engaging experiment, including supplies. Some kits may require a few common things from around the house, but we’ve done our best to include as much as possible so that having fun with science is easy and stress-free for everyone involved. 

Steve Spangler’s Science Fair Solution™ kits guide young learners through the scientific methods behind each idea, so your student won’t just go through the motions with one of our science fair projects, they’ll truly understand the process behind it. Receive instructions, a set of challenges for further study and data collection forms in each kit.

If you have your own project idea, you can also find unbeatable deals on test tubes, safety glasses, eye droppers, microscopes and other science fair project supplies at Steve Spangler Science.

Science Fair Idea Videos

If you’re a visual learner, browse the largest collection of hands-on science videos anywhere online. With over 180 million views, Steve Spangler’s science videos are a perfect place to start your search for the perfect science fair project idea. Our videos make it easy to watch an experiment from start to finish and then re-create it at home or at school.

Easy Science Fair Ideas

Sometimes the best science project ideas are the easiest ones. Easy science fair ideas are some of the most reliable for re-creating at school. Browse our selection of easy science fair ideas to find experiments and projects that don’t require a lot of set up, but deliver big results, like the Naked Egg and the Baby Diaper Secret.

Science Fair Tips for Parents

What’s the difference between a science activity and a science fair experiment? How complicated should your child’s project be to impress the teacher or judges? Parents have a lot of questions about science fairs, but fortunately, we’ve got a lot of experience. Use our tips and guide to answer all these questions and more.

Relying on simple, instantly recognized materials usually found around the house will give younger children confidence. Visit Steve Spangler Science for at-home inspiration and easy science experiments for kids.