The Newest and the Best: New STEM Products, Experiments and Kits

Whether you’re a newly minted Steve Spangler Science fan or you’ve been following our experiments for decades, you probably know that our science kits and at-home science experiments inspire, amaze and provide hands-on, age-appropriate learning opportunities for children of all ages.

Welcome to this corner of the Steve Spangler Science website, where you’ll find the latest and the greatest products to hit our inventory. These are the hottest additions to the Steve Spangler Science family of products, where our motto has always been: “Make it big. Do it right. Give it class!”

  • Magic Sand Test TubeMagic Sand Test Tube

    Magic Sand Test Tube

  • Palm PipesPalm Pipes

    Palm Pipes

  • Giant Energy Stick®Giant Energy Stick

    Giant Energy Stick® – STEM Toy

  • String Slime Deluxe SetString Slime Deluxe Set

    String Slime™ Deluxe Set

  • Colorful Growing Orbs Test TubeColorful Growing Orbs Test Tube

    Colorful Growing Orbs Test Tube

  • Water Gel Test Tube

    Water Gel™ Test Tube

  • aShape Gel™ Deluxe SetShape Gel Deluxe Set

    Shape Gel™ Deluxe Set

  • String Slime™ Starter SetString Slime Starter Set

    String Slime™ Starter Set

  • Magic Sand Starter SetMagic Sand Starter Kit

    Magic Sand Starter Set

  • Jelly MarblesJelly Marbles Test Tube

    Jelly Marbles™ Test Tube

  • Blizzard in a BoxBlizzard in a Box

    Blizzard in a Box

  • Test Tube Experiment BundleTest Tube Experiment Bundle

    Test Tubes Experiment Bundle

  • Water Gel Starter SetWater Gel Starter Kit

    Water Gel™ Starter Set

  • Jelly Marbles SetJelly Marbles Starter Kit

    Jelly Marbles™ Starter Set

  • Shape Gel™ Starter SetShape Gel Starter Set

    Shape Gel™ Starter Set


New Arrivals at Steve Spangler Science

Our new arrivals feature some of the greatest STEM experiments, all-in-one kits, starter kits and learning experience items that will inspire your budding scientist to ask more questions about the world around him or her. Best of all, our all-new experiments, kits and STEM-focused products will allow you to provide one-on-one, hands-on learning that will bring you closer together. These new science products and brand-new arrivals are great for homeschool instruction, 4-H activities, after-school activities or rainy day activities at home. Each of our new products, new all-in-one science kits and new starter set kits take a Steve Spangler Science kid- friendly question and provide your young scientist with the goodies that they need to explore and solve relevant questions in his or her life.

All-New Sensory Science, Slime Art Kits, StoryTime Science and More

Check out our newest sensory science kits and products for colorful STEM products that use sight, smell, touch, sound and/or hearing to create an unforgettable experience. Who doesn’t love slime? Shop our Slime Art Kits and our other slime-inspired products that will let them get artistic and creative with colors and shapes. For younger kids, our StoryTime Science products are always a great idea, combining age-appropriate and award-winning stories with science and STEM principles.

Steve Spangler Science: Inspiring Kids for More than 25 Years

Steve Spangler Science has been inspiring children of all ages for nearly three decades, gaining the enthusiasm — along with the rapt attention — of millions of children and educators all over the country! We now offer more than 350 products that have been developed by an amazing team of scientists, engineers and educators who are all passionate about being the inspirational spark behind the world’s next generation of scientific minds!

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