New STEM Science Kits and Beyond

Sometimes, when children think about STEM, they associate it with negative experiences or emotions, but that’s entirely avoidable. Learning can and should be fun, and it is with Steve Spangler Science’s STEM science kits.

Our newest STEM Science Kits, designed by our team of educators, will get children of all ages fired up about STEM. Passion for science is encouraged through big, colorful and exhilarating science experiment kits that occasionally go boom. Don’t worry — there’s nothing truly dangerous in our selection of kids’ science kits, but adult supervision is always required for safety.

Together, you and your child can bond like atoms over the exciting ideas and concepts our STEM toys and science kits bring to the table. Using included instructions and activity guides, explore a wide range of safe and thought-provoking ideas with our unique flavor of science experiment kits. Our kids’ science kits are great activities to conduct inside and outside of the home, and they make especially fun projects for rainy days or during the winter.

Steve Spangler Science Experiment Kits for Kids

Steve Spangler Science experiment kits for kids run the gamut when it comes to play and imagination. From multi-hued slime (what inquisitive child doesn’t love gooey slime?) to our latest chemistry, physics, biology science experiment kits and more, the imaginative brains at Steve Spangler Science have created an array of activities that will teach your children about the sun, stars, weather and our planet’s biological diversity, along with the physical forces that move them all.

Science for kids is easier to understand when children are engaged in what they’re doing — and having a blast while learning. Establish a lifelong love for STEM with our kids’ science kits.

Engaging and Educational STEM Toys

Along with our science kits for kids, we offer a wide selection of fun and educational STEM toys for children of all ages. Your young scientists will love playing with our ooey, gooey slime, jelly crystals, Magic Sand, Gravi-Goo, Giant Energy Stick® kits and so much more. Our STEM toys can provide hours of entertainment, as well as educational lessons in a whole range of different scientific disciplines.

A Perfect Selection of STEM Gifts for Kids

When it comes to birthdays, holidays, or other occasions, sometimes it can be difficult to find the perfect gift that encourages children to have fun and learn at the same time. Our science experiment kits and STEM toys are educator-created and make the perfect STEM gifts for kids. Each science kit for kids is specifically designed to bring a sense of fun and excitement to the table, and because our kits are educator-created, parents can rest assured that there’s more to it than just a nifty toy. Our STEM gifts for kids encourage children to use their inquisitive minds to explore, learn, reason and grow. Whether you’re looking for a big science kit for kids or a small stocking stuffer, our selection of STEM gifts includes ideas for all occasions. 

Get Science Kits for Kids Delivered to Your Doorstep

Get science kits for kids delivered straight to your doorstep when you sign up for the Steve Spangler Science Club. Our club subscription offers multiple monthly tiers that allow you to order science kits from as few as three months up to an annual subscription. The more science experiment kits you order, the more you’ll save. Create lasting memories with your child every month with a science kit subscription from Steve Spangler Science. With our science experiment kit plan, we’ll curate an exciting lesson every month, each one different from the last, so you and your child can focus on having fun!