This math kit was created by certified teachers to ensure students master the skills through repeated practice. The items inside the kit can be used by children at various levels of mastery within the skill. The colorful design of the materials ensure that they are engaging, and children will want to practice due to their game-like nature. Children will master their beginning math skills by interacting with the materials contained within this kit.

*WHAT YOU GET: 1 Skills Information Sheet in English & Spanish, 1 Dry Erase Marker, 2 Decoders, 1 Dry Erase Activity Book, 1 Reference Card, 1 Inchworm Ruler, 1 Ants in the Laundry Pattern Game, 1 Subitizing Match-Up Chips Game, 1 Picture Sticks™ Colors Activity

*BEGINNIG MATH SKILLS: The materials in this kit take children through several skills including writing numbers, counting, identifying 2-D shapes, drawing 2-D shapes, measurement, telling time, and more, to ensure that the skills are mastered through repeated practice.

*ENGAGING MATERIALS: Each of the item in this kit are colorful, beautifully designed, and engaging for children. Children will want to learn and interact with each item in this kit. The kit also includes a game so that interaction among family members can be achieved.

*REPEATED PRACTICE AND USE: All the items in this kit were created to be used repeatedly so that children get the repeated practice needed to master the skills.

*CREATED BY TEACHERS: This kit and all the materials inside were created by certified teachers using their vast knowledge and classroom experience to ensure that the products contained within the kit are rigorous and timely.