Special Experiments for Kids Experiments

Specialty Science Experiments

Celebrate the holidays or any special event with a special science experiment for kids from Steve Spangler Science. Learn how to make a “magic” pumpkin for Halloween or Thanksgiving. For winter holidays, learn how to make snow in rainbow colors. All experiments for kids from Steve Spangler include easy-to-follow instructions, and easily understood definitions of science terms and topics.
Holiday Science Experiments
When St. Patrick’s Day is approaching, even very young children can help make a Leprechaun Trap. Keep it simple, or combine art with science, to make a leprechaun trap using a cardboard box, glue, colored paper, a paper plate and tissue box, cotton balls and other simple materials.
For a birthday party, let the kids create colorful slime art. You can decorate your Christmas tree using science experiments for children that involve making festive sugar crystal ornaments. Plus, kids can learn cool science words like supersaturated.
When you add three cups of sugar to one cup of water, kids will learn that what they’re making is what scientists call a supersaturated solution. What’s a supersaturated solution? It’s a mixture, or solution, with more solute (sugar) than solvent (water).
Any-Occasion Science Fun
Any occasion can become an opportunity to create science fun with easy-to-follow experiments. Kids can invent backyard movie time with a homemade projector made with a cardboard box, magnifying glass and a borrowed smartphone with videos.
With a grownup’s supervision, it only takes a few minutes to make a homemade movie projector. Make it a dual-generation learning activity by inviting a parent to join in on the invention.
Special Occasion Gift Ideas
Steve Spangler Science is your source for birthday and holiday presents. We have simple gifts and whole science kits, with an array of price ranges to fit anybody’s budget. A gift of science can last a lifetime when kids are introduced to what can become a lifelong love of science.

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