Forces and Motion Experiments Experiments

Force and Motion Science Experiments

Learn about Forces and Motion experiments at home or in the classroom with smart, fun ideas from Steve Spangler Science. Learn how the invisible force of air pressure can make a soda can jump – a favorite DIY science experiment from Steve Spangler’s lab.

Learn how to balance ordinary hex nuts using force and motion with our Balancing Hex Nuts how-to video. At Steve Spangler Science, you can find easy-to-follow experiments with readily found items from around the house. You can purchase bargain-priced home science experiment kits for kids that will keep them entertained for hours.

Buckets of Experiments

Want plenty of science experiments in one cost-saving science lab in a bucket? Buy our Steve Spangler Science Big Bucket of Science with the ingredients for 20 experiments. The one-gallon bucket is filled with more than 10 test tubes filled with ingredients for science experiments.

This kid includes Steve Spangler Science’s trademarked Insta-Snow powder, as well as jelly marbles, magic sand and more. While ordinary sand is free-flowing, which means it can’t form a structure in water, Steve Spangler’s Magic Sand, when poured into water, holds its shape. By playing with Magic Sand, kids learn about the properties of water molecules.

Simple Science Lessons

Science is easy to understand with Steve Spangler Since as your guide. Teachers praise Steve Spangler’s science experiments and kits for always adding an easy-to-comprehend explanation, which teachers or parents can refer to when joining children in a scientific experiment or discovery.

With every experiment you’ll see described on our website, you’ll find a simply worded scientific explanation for it on the same web page. We’re also your source for inexpensive batteries, kid-friendly science lab beakers and black lights.

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