Food Science Experiments Experiments

Food Science Experiments for Kids

Our easy food science experiments from Steve Spangler Science include fun food chemistry experiments that can be performed in anybody’s kitchen. Want to learn about the easy way to separate egg whites from egg yolks? Turn your kitchen into a food science lab.

Crack an Egg

Crack an egg, without cracking the yolk, and pour into a bowl or onto a plate. In your hand, lightly squeeze (not all the way, please) an empty plastic water bottle. Hold the water bottle in the squeezed position. Don’t release it.

Touch the mouth of the water bottle to the egg yolk, and slowly release your squeeze on the plastic bottle. The egg yolk is pushed right into the bottle, leaving behind the egg white.

Learn how to make homemade brown sugar ice cream, and discover how you can make it in less than 30 minutes. Discover how to make homemade rock candy. We have lots of experiments using ordinary candy bars or bags of candy.

For more food science fun, buy our entertaining Naked Eggs and Flying Potatoes book.

Science By the Month

If your child is between the ages of 5 and 12, consider joining the Steve Spangler Science Club Each month, you’ll receive science kits and DIY science experiment instructions for year-round adventures.

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