Broadcasting Live from Toys R’ Us in Time Square

Every year in February I make a pilgrimage to New York to attend the International Toy Fair. The city is host to some 20,000 buyers and industry professionals who are on a quest to buy and sell the latest creations in the toy market. On Monday,…

Mr. Luna’s Bright Idea Follow-up

Kenny Luna has been very busy getting people excited about his bright idea. Mr. Luna is an 8th grade science teacher in North Babylon, New York, who wants Oprah to help him give every child in America (PreK-12), just one Compact Fluorescent(CFL)…

iPod Science Experiments – Steve Spangler on the go

Let's see... what could you watch on your new video ipod? Episodes of NBC's "Office"... ad-free music videos... or some guy in Denver who teaches you how to do cool science demos. Hmmm... that's a tough choice between Office and the music videos.…
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Christmas Tree Safety

Here's a "do not try this at home" science demonstration that illustrates how dry trees are susceptible to catching fire and ways to avoid this potential fire risk. Watch the Christmas Tree Fire Video
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I can’t believe UPS did it!

Lots and lots of teachers do the "egg drop" activity with their students. Basically, here's how it works... each child gets an egg and some parameters for making a container that will protect the egg and keep it from breaking if it were dropped.…
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A New Twist on the Tablecloth Trick

There's just nothing more impressive than whipping the tablecloth out from under the Thanksgiving meal. The classic whip-off the tablecloth trick is a must for any aspiring science demonstrator who wants to be amazing! It's time for the classic…
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Diving Ketchup – An Impromptu Table Trick

Everyone probably has a memory of a favorite uncle or grandfather who could do a few tricks at the dinner table. Okay, in my case it was my father who could magically bend spoons, vanish the salt shaker and eat his napkin (I know... kind of…
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The Self-Carving, Exploding Pumpkin

Just call it the Halloween After-Glow. No, it's not the warm feeling you get in your heart when you think of all of those darling little Trick-or-Treaters or think of the fun kids had opening their candy. The "After-Glow" refers to the light…
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Mad About Science Week – Wally Keesecker

Our week-long salute to amazing science teachers wraps up with a visit to Heritage High School in Littleton, Colorado, where chemistry teacher Wally Keesecker gets students fired up about science. Wally is well-known for his attention-grabbing…
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Mad About Science Week – Emily Pringle

The next stop on our week-long tour was Hamilton Middle School in the Denver Public Schools to shine the spotlight on Ms. Emily Pringle, science teacher extraordinaire. Emily Pringle has taught there for eight years and uses the scientific method…