Magic in the Rockies 2009 - Hundreds of Magicians Take Over Fort Collins, Colorado

What happens when a few hundred magicians from all part of the country (and Europe) invade the quiet town of Fort Collins, Colorado? It's a weekend filled with wonder and mystery... and lots of laughs. The stage is set for September 10-13,…
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Avoid an Audience Riot - How to Write a Great Introduction for Your Next Speaker

As a professional speaker, I've learned over the years the importance of a good introduction and how detrimental a bad intro can be to the start of even a good presentation. We've all probably been in an audience and experienced an introduction…

Scavenger Hunt - You Never Know What You'll Need to Find

No more information is necessary... it's just a polka dot suitcase. Wonder what's inside?

Insta-Snow Girl Signs at Jacksonville University

Just walk into any toy store and you'll see her face on a product label or the side of a box that contains Insta-Snow® (it's the powder that turns into snow when you add water... but that's not important). Arianne Heaton was a student of mine…

Bubble Wrap - POP!

I've posted socially redeeming information about bubble wrap in the past, but don't expect that high level of content with this. It's just fun... and that's not all bad. Go ahead and click on the bubble wrap. You probably can't control your…

Scavenger Hunt - Could This Be What You're Looking For?

This might be what you're looking for... the duck!