Informal Science Education

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Teachers Who Blog Engage Students on a Higher Level

As part of the Science at Sea experience, I talked about the many benefit of teachers who blog as part of their classroom experience. At one end of the spectrum you have teachers who  are using their school sponsored blogs as a way to effectively…

Kids' Science Challenge Winners Announced

I first told you about the Kids' Science Challenge back in January, and now we have some winners. We first got involved in the planning stages of the project when Jim Metzner, Executive Producer of Pulse of the Planet, contacted me to discuss…
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Props to the Arizona Science Center – Thanks for the Bed of Nails

You don't just go to someone and say, "Hey, can I borrow your $45,000 Bed of Nail exhibit. No, seriously, I promise to bring it back." But that's exactly what happened... The closing stunt on my last appearance on the Ellen Show was the…