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Water Vanish

Water Vanish

Water Vanish is a clever piece of science magic that will have your friends scratching their heads. The secret to making water disappear is a superabsorbent polymer and a little magic flair. All SICK Science kits come with online access to instructional videos.
Bubble Blast

Bubble Blast

Explore the science of bubbles as you learn how to make a bubble bounce on your hand. The secret is a bouncing bubble glove. Learn how to make your own square bubble. All SICK Science kits come with online access to instructional videos.
Gravity Beads

Gravity Beads

All it takes is a little jumpstart from you and this long string of beads pulls itself out of a container. Watch 20 feet (6 m) of beads empty from the container in a flash. All SICK Science kits come with online access to instructional videos.
Snot Science

Snot Science

Sometimes going “gross” is what it takes to get kids excited about science. Just add water and this powder will make a slimey goo that will amaze your friends. All SICK Science kits come with online access to instructional videos.
Terror Twister

Terror Twister

Spin a water vortex in two soda bottles with a classic science toy called a Tornado Tube®. Comes with some of Steve Spangler’s favorite variations. All SICK Science kits come with online access to instructional videos.

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New Sick Science! Kits Honored with Family Fun Award at New York's Toy Fair

A huge thanks to the people at FamilyFun Magazine who honored our brand new Sick Science! kits with their FamilyFun award at the 2014 Toy Fair in New York. We are at Toy Fair with over 1,000 toy manufacturers, wholesalers, retailers and distributors from around the world. The come together every year to premiere and show off the best new toy and entertainment products. [...]

Get Your Sick Science! Loot Right Here!

Our Sick Science! Experiments are a global phenomena and are seen from southern California McDonald's and to Saudi Arabia. They are the brainchild of our amazing video team and originate on our Sick Science! YouTube channel. The videos demonstrate simple science experiments you can do at home with minimal materials. We have t-shirts, mugs, hats, stickers and even an apron with the Sick [...]

Popsicle Stick Chain Reaction Sick Science!

After the long holiday weekend, it's back to work and business as usual. During the break, all of us at The Spangler Labs enjoyed our time off and ate a few too many popsicles to stay cool. With all those popsicle sticks laying around, we had to come up with a science activity. Want to try this at home? Save your popsicle [...]

Outdoor Summer Science Fun – Sick Science! Bubble Snakes

We love bubbles at Steve Spangler Science. We've made frozen bubbles, smoky bubbles, giant bubbles, bouncing bubbles and fire bubbles to name a few. This time, we make colorful, snaking bubbles that come out of a homemade bubble blower. Bubbles usually only come as individual spheres of soap and water. To blow the perfect bubble takes patience and a little bubble-science. Sometimes, [...]

Salt Water Density Straw Sick Science!

Create a colorful rainbow inside a straw while learning a lesson in density. This easy kitchen science experiment uses materials found in your house and can be done by kids of all ages (with a little parental assistance). (more…)

The Best of Steve Spangler Sick Science! Videos January 2013

What a great start to 2013! From Pop Rocks, mystery liquids, folding eggs and even a VIRAL video showing how to remove iron from your breakfast cereal, to newspaper trees, dirty cell phones, and instantly freezing water. Our Sick Science! Video Team works hard to create and develop the best science experiment how to's every month.  Hope you enjoyed this month [...]

TODAY is the Day for Iron in Breakfast – SICK Science Video Goes Viral

We first shared our Iron for Breakfast experiment around 19 years ago, but this week our video got monster amounts of attention. All the attention started with the Today Show. Soon after, Cheezburger featured the experiment as their Experiment of the Day. Finally, we got great articles from The Toronto Star and Gizmodo before being featured on Yahoo! This video is just one of 126 videos created by Steve Spangler [...]

All New Halloween Sick Science! Experiments Coming in October

October blows in next week. With it comes our favorite science holiday. To celebrate Halloween season, our Sick Science! team has created new experiments and activities sure to add some spooky science to Halloween parties, haunted houses and classrooms. Here's a sneak peek - glowing pumpkins, dancing glow in the dark lights, Watch for a new video every Tuesday on our Sick [...]