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It's Science in the Rockies Professional Development Week in Denver

We are hosting about 150 teachers from the United States and across the world at the Denver West Sheraton Hotel for Science in the Rockies. They are in Denver this week to learn how to squeeze science into their classroom and integrate it into the Common Core curriculum. Steve Spangler and his crew of science educators are making slime, separating colors, [...]

Science in the Rockies Teacher Training Now Aligned to Next Gen and Common Core

As many of you know, the final version of the Next Generation Science Standards were just released in early April. Over the past few weeks, our team has been working feverishly to align Steve Spangler's hands-on science curriculum from Science in the Rockies with these newly released standards. In addition to the science standards, we know that many of you are looking for [...]

Science in the Rockies – It's a Wrap

Our final day of activities began with a television appearance on the local Denver NBC affiliate. We also used a barbie doll to demonstrate an electricity loop and found iron in our cereal. We also enjoyed a demonstration by the always entertaining Doug Hodous. As Science in the Rockies 2010 draws to a close, we'd like to thank all of the teachers [...]

Science in the Rockies Day 2

We are settling into our routine and getting to know the amazing teachers from across the country and world who have traveled to Denver to learn how to bring more science into their classrooms. Day 1 of Science in the Rockies was too fun. We explored the properties of air and even vacuum packed a few teachers for ultimate freshness. We [...]

Science in the Rockies 2010 Opening Day

Our premier event, Science in the Rockies, is gearing up for another year this week. Almost 140 teachers from across America and the world have arrived in Colorado for hands-on science teaching training from our talented staff of science teachers and educators. The sold-out high-energy event runs for three days and includes intense professional staff development training to help teachers motivate students [...]

Save $100 on Your Science in the Rockies Registration

We know that teachers are on a tight budget and with times as they are, school funding seems to be depleting faster and faster.  But, we don't want anyone to miss out on experiencing our 3-day science training, Science in the Rockies, so, until December 31st, 2009, we're taking $100 off of your registration.  Instead of $795, register by the end [...]

Register for Science in the Rockies July 8-10, 2009 – Denver, Colorado

It's my favorite teacher training of the entire year - Science in the Rockies. It's a three-day workshop held in the foothills just outside of Denver. The dates for this year's workshop are July 8-10, 2009. The training typically attracts 150-200 elementary and middle school teachers who are looking for unique ways to make science more exciting and meaningful in their [...]

Not Your Typical Summer Science Workshop – Science in the Rockies

Just look at these pictures from Science in the Rockies last year and you'll see why we don't consider this your typical summer science workshop for teachers. Do not plan to attend Science in the Rockies 2008 if you are motivated by PowerPoint presentation, like quiet reading time from an outdated science text, hate to get your hands dirty, or have [...]

Teachers Create Science Buzz – Science in the Rockies 2007

It's been called a"Mr. Wizard-style" training camp for teachers who are looking to add more purpose and piazza to their science lessons. The three-day intensive training called Science in the Rockies is targeted at early childhood through middle school teachers who need creative science integration strategies... who are tired of trying to "squeeze" science into their already packed teaching [...]