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Not Everyone Hates The Science Fair!

Science Fairs get a lot of bad press these days, and I don’t like it. Honestly? I think the only bad science fair is a science fair that a child is FORCED to enter every year. You heard me. The science fair should be 100% voluntary, most of the time.   Maybe it would be better […]


Science Fair 911 – Tips for Teachers

By Guest Blogger Debbie Leibold  So, you’re about to assign science fair projects to your students… now what? No need to worry, the Spangler Science team has some tips to make the science fair fun, interesting, and educational for your students (and easier for you)! First and foremost, if you are excited about the science […]


Science Fair 911 – Display Boards

By Blog Editor Susan Wells You’ve picked the perfect project, pulled together your materials and variables, conducted your experiment. You can see the finish line. But there is one last piece of the science fair project that remains…the project display board. I’ve been surprised in my working with students and their parents that the display […]


Science Fair Planning and Creative Ideas

By Guest Blogger: Karen Bantuveris, VolunteerSpot Mad Science Meets Crazy Easy Student Science Fair Planning Building extravagant dioramas and goo filled volcano models is only half the battle for creating a successful science fair. There’s a lot of work that goes into coordinating and planning this staple of elementary school life, and this post is […]


Parents – Don't Fear the Science Fair

It’s that time of year again. Snow is melting, temperatures are starting to rise a bit and your child has to work on a science fair project. The dreaded science fair project. The goal of the science fair is to teach the scientific method and give students insight into how to theorize, set up, perform and draw […]


Amazing Square Bubble

Amazing Square Bubble Experiment Experiment Build a cube using the blue struts and white balls. Place the end of the blue struts into the opening of the balls to build a square. Once you have built two squares, use the struts to connect the squares so that you have a complete cube. Cut off the […]