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Deluxe Mentos Geyser Tube

Deluxe Mentos Geyser Tube

Launch a Mentos soda geyser 30 feet in the air with Steve Spangler's Mentos Geyser Tube. This variation includes interchangeable caps to change the eruption.
Naked Eggs and Flying Potatoes Book

Naked Eggs and Flying Potatoes Book

Naked Eggs and Flying Potatoes is a geek-chic look at Spangler’s latest collection of tricks and try-it-at-home activities that reveal the secrets of science in unexpected ways. Amazing photographs accompany the step-by-step instructions, and simple explanations uncover the how-to and why for each activity. Make potatoes fly, bowling balls float, and soda explode on command.
Terror Twister

Terror Twister

Spin a water vortex in two soda bottles with a classic science toy called a Tornado Tube®. Comes with some of Steve Spangler’s favorite variations. All SICK Science kits come with online access to instructional videos.

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Geyser Tube Toy Helps Set New Mentos Geyser World Record

Dropping a roll of Mentos into a bottle of soda used to be something that kids did for fun. Now adults are getting into the act. I opened my e-mail and received these cool pictures from the organizers of the event that took place on July 10th in Flower Mound, TX. Representatives from the Guinness World Records certified the record-setting effort, [...]

Mentos Diet Coke Geyser Sets a World Record

500 Greater Cincinnatians equipped with bottles of Diet Coke and a roll of Mentos set out to launch the largest number of Mentos Geysers ever to be set off all at once in one location. Drum roll please... and the first ever Mentos Guinness World Record for "Most Mentos and Soda Fountains" goes to a large crowd of wet people in [...]

The Mentos People Speak Out

In a recent phone interview with a newspaper reporter, I speculated that the makers of Mentos, Perfetti Van Melle, were distancing themselves from the Mentos phenomenon. This was based on our numerous attempts to reach the marketing gurus at Perfetti Van Melle, starting back in January of 2006. Well, based on the article that appeared in the Wall Street Journal, the [...]

Bellagio Fountains with Mentos – This Video is Amazing!

Let's just cut to the chase... You have to see the Extreme Diet Coke & Mentos Experiments video at These guys take the Mentos Fountain demo to a brand new level. I just took out stock in Diet Coke and Mentos candy because these creative geniuses have inspired a whole new level of soda bottle adventures. I know that many [...]

Spangler Unwrapped: Mintastic Episode Airs in September

Tune into Food Network’s Unwrapped to get a peek inside the Spangler Science labs as Steve shares the science behind the Mentos Geyser all of that exploding soda. Back in December, I mentioned that a crew from Unwrapped on the Food Network wanted to get the real scoop on the popular Mentos and soda reaction. The crew spent an entire day [...]

Does Diet Coke Really Produce the Best Results?

Believe it or not, research scientists have actually concluded that Diet Coke produces the best stream of flying soda (much to the joy of the Mentos Experiment enthusiasts). I received an email from Dr. Joe Maglaty, Director of Education Outreach from the Merck Institute for Science Education with this information: I recently came across an article that you may, or may not, [...]