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These colorful percussion tubes range in length from 30 cm to 61 cm (12" to 24") and provide a full octave of consecutive notes. You can compose a simple tune by yourself, play together with your family, or drum with all of your friends. Experiment with the science of sound.
Naked Eggs and Flying Potatoes Book

Naked Eggs and Flying Potatoes Book

Naked Eggs and Flying Potatoes is a geek-chic look at Spangler’s latest collection of tricks and try-it-at-home activities that reveal the secrets of science in unexpected ways. Amazing photographs accompany the step-by-step instructions, and simple explanations uncover the how-to and why for each activity. Make potatoes fly, bowling balls float, and soda explode on command.
Insta-Snow Powder

Insta-Snow Powder

Insta-Snow® powder is the original fake snow polymer that turns ordinary water into a white fluffy substance that looks like real snow in seconds.
Hand Boiler

Hand Boiler

It’s a classic science toy that uses your body heat to make the liquid in the glass ornament bubble just as if it were boiling.

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Connections in Education

Sometimes I feel like several different people when I talk or think about education.  Most of me can't even begin to comprehend how anyone could not want to learn as much as possible, every passing moment.  Some of me can understand how a person can be too exhausted from the labor and stress of a typical day to even think about [...]

Throw the Ultimate Harry Potter Halloween or Birthday Science Party Part 1

By Blog Editor Susan Wells My daughters, husband and I are all Harry Potter fanatics. Our obsession began last summer when my then 6-year-old and I began reading The Sorcerer's Stone. After completing the book, we all watched the movie. Then my older daughter and husband were also hooked. Part 2 from September 28, 2012 For my daughter's seventh birthday, she wanted a Harry [...]

Meet a Scientist & Share Your Ideas with the Kid's Science Challenge

The Kid's Science Challenge, presented by the radio series Pulse of the Planet and the National Science Foundation, is open for students in 3rd to 6th grade. It's a unique opportunity for students to explore the world of science and technology and share their ideas with real live scientists. The competition also offers lots of cool prizes including trips to meet [...]

Kitchen Science – Dry Ice Mini Smoke Ring Launcher

It's dry ice season, or Halloween time. It's all the same in our office. Every year I try to find something new and exciting to do with dry ice for Halloween. We receive hundreds of calls in the office at this time each year about where to find dry ice, how to store it and how to use it in the [...]

Meet our Science at Sea Naturalist – John Scheerens

We're excited to introduce you to our naturalist, John Scheerens, who will participate in every aspect of the Science at Sea experience and provide us with his amazing insights and knowledge of the region. John is considered the teacher of teachers in Alaska serving as the training consultant for most of the major tour companies throughout Alaska. John has been featured [...]

Can a One-Day Science Workshop Really Make a Difference?

The audience of teachers (PreK-Middle School) was especially lively during our Hands-on Science Boot Camp in Tampa. The turn-out was great with over 180 teachers packed into the ballroom at the Westin Hotel and each teacher had his or her own reasons for attending. One third grade teacher told me that her school had cut her science time down to less [...]

Why Are Hazmat Guys Teaching Science?

It must be a growing trend... or something in the hazardous materials industry is pushing people to teach science. I first met Todd Skoglund and Ken Rost (guys who are not exactly your typical classroom science teachers) at our Science in the Rockies training last summer. Acting as Educational Outreach Coordinators for SIGNET North America, both of these guys are great [...]

Eat a Taco and Learn Some Science

That's exactly what will happen when you visit your local Del Taco. We’re excited to announce the release of four science toys that we wrote for Del Taco as part of their Kid Loco Meals. The four toys are called Loco 2 Liter Learning because each toy comes with cool science experiments you can try at home using a 2-liter [...]

How to Catch a Ghost – Ghostly Dry Ice Boo Bubbles

By Blog Editor Susan Wells Do you have amateur ghost hunters running amuck in your house? Or are you looking for a fun activity to do during a Halloween or classroom party? Look no further than our Boo Bubbles experiment. Boo Bubbles are fog-filled touchable, bouncing bubbles. The bubbles actually trap vapor from a mixture of dry ice and warm water to make [...]