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Liquid Motion Bubbler

Liquid Motion Bubbler

It’s the perfect combination of art and science. Turn the toy upside down and let gravity create an amazing display of color mixing.
Slime Classroom Kit

Slime Classroom Kit

Join the national craze and make DIY slime as a group. This classroom kit makes 64 ounces of green slime with mixing cups and stirring sticks.

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Squishy, Squeezy, Messy, Color Mixing Kitchen Science

By Blog Editor Susan Wells Some of our most popular kitchen science experiments at Steve Spangler Science involve color mixing and oil and water blobs in Lava Lamps. We came across this fun twist that involves color mixing and oil and water blobs, so I had to try it with my kids... Materials Water Vegetable Oil or Baby Oil Giant Test Tubes (or empty bottles) Pipettes (or spoons) Color Fizzers [...]

The Flashing, Color Mixing, One-of-a-Kind White Lightning Stick

By Blog Editor Susan Wells One of the biggest hits of the summer is the White Lightning Stick. On the Fourth of July, we held a small firework show in our front yard with our neighbors. Along with the traditional sparklers and black snakes, we also shot off several film canister rockets and Mentos soda geysers. While the kids were waiting for the [...]

Create a Rainbow in a Bag – Pinch and Mix Color Mixing

By Blog Editor Susan Wells I'm occasionally asked by teachers and school groups to bring in a few hands-on science experiments for a class. One of my all-time favorite go -to activity is color mixing with Pinch and Mix goo. Steve Spangler Science sells and all-in-one Pinch and Mix Kit for 30 students or a smaller group. You can also use gel [...]

Science Craft – Water Color Tie Dye Pillows

Tie dye is always fun!  Are you looking for a fun, crafty homemade gift? Or something to do after school or on the weekend? How about making tie dye pillows that use a little science to create a beautiful masterpiece. Materials White pillow made from 100% cotton  Sharpie markers in different colors Rubbing alcohol Dropper bottle Clothes Dryer We used pillows from IKEA for $3.99 each. You can also do [...]

Make Your Own Mixed Up Chameleon with UV Color Changing Beads

Ann Bridgewater, a teacher who traveled to Denver all the way from Hong Kong to attend Science in the Rockies this year, shared a very cool project with us. She uses UV Color Changing Beads to craft Mixed Up Chameleons for a little craft/science/literacy lesson all rolled into one. Ann weaves embroidery thread in and around the beads to make a chameleon shape. [...]

Colorado Inventor's Showcase – How to Turn an Idea into a Product

The world is filled with great ideas, but few people know how to turn an idea into a product. But that's just the start of the uphill climb. Product ideas need money to grow from the prototype stage to the initial production run. Did anyone mention the creativity and capital needed to get consumers interested in the product? And that's [...]

Stained Glass Bubble Wrap Window Decoration

As the holiday season hovers all around us, we have a fun color mixing activity that will also use some of the bubble wrap that abounds this time of year. Grab a few cups, some colored water and a sheet of bubble wrap to keep them entertained while color mixing and creating a stained glass window decoration. It's a kitchen science [...]

Steve Spangler Learning DVD's – A Classroom Resource

Do you love Sick Science!™ as much as we do? Do you lay awake at night wondering who's torso is performing the experiments (hint it isn't Steve). What about that catchy music? Da da da da. Da da da da. Da ding. Ding. Sick Science! is all about bringing science to life through hands-on exploration that uses items found right in your own home or classroom. [...]