New Electric Car is Cool, Sleek and a Little Bit TRON

Renault is the first car manufacturer to sell a zero-emission vehicle. They have an entire line of electric cars to suit every need and motorhead.

Their newest and smallest car, the Twizy Electric Car, uses the same tires as Renault’s Formula 2.0 car and a Forumla One-styled steering wheel. The car also has LED headlights, two electric motors, and a screen with real-time vehicle data. The Twizy is a double–person commuter car that looks like something out of the movie TRON, or maybe Mario Cart. Add a little plastic steering wheel and Mario is ready to race!

The Renault Twizy Electric Car looks like something out of the movie Tron or maybe Mario will drive it | Steve Spangler Science

The Twizy also incorporates an intelligent alternator. This high-tech device captures the kinetic energy used while braking and uses it to boost power, instead of just losing it as heat.

The driver and passenger sit tantum-style. One style will top out at about 45 kph and can be driven without a license. The faster version can go about 80kph and requires a license. This is a car that is open-air but doesn’t require a helmet like a motorcycle.

Renault cars contain at least 7% recycled plastic and are 95% recyclable themselves. The electric cars are quiet while idling (the engine turns off) and then start right up when the light turns green.

The downside? The cars are only available in Europe but will hopefully travel across the pond someday to buzz along America’s highways.

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