Dr. Oz Uses Mentos and Diet Coke to Demonstrate the Anti-Diet Plan

Dr. Oz is known for his wacky and unique demonstrations to illustrate what happens inside the body. Recently, he donned a poncho and became the Mentos Boy in the Box.

He stepped in a sealed container to demonstrate what happens in the intestines when a food that doesn’t agree with body chemistry is introduced into the stomach. The giant plastic box acted as the intestines, the Diet Coke served as the bacteria and the Mentos were the beans or reactive food. When the food was dropped into the stomach’s bacteria, it caused a reaction that forced the bacteria to erupt and overflow.

The demonstration was part of an episode that  discussed the Anti-Diet Plan with controversial author Lyn-Genet Recitas. She claims the secret to losing weight is chemistry, not calories.

To watch the clip, visit the Dr. Oz show, The Anti-Diet Plan, Eliminating Reactive Foods.

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