Spangler Takes His Message from the Classroom to Corporate Audiences

Steve Spangler took his education-focused show to the fifth annual State of DIA at the Denver Performing Arts Complex.

George Peck with the Aurora Chamber of Commerce inflates windbags with other business leaders in a State of DIA presentation at the Denver Performing Arts Complex on Tuesday. (Hyoung Chang, The Denver Post)

Denver International Airport is the world’s 11th busiest airport. The ‘Science of a Successful Airport’ event focused on flights and finances at DIA as well as featured Spangler’s presentation.

The airport is one of Denver’s eight leading industry clusters for employment, economic impact, and future growth opportunities.

Spangler shared a presentation on making unforgettable experiences. His message, usually directed at teachers and other educators, shares ideas and demonstrations to make learning memorable in the classroom. If it makes it to the dinner table that night, Spangler believes that teacher and lesson made a difference.

This message can also translate into business…give your customers, or travelers in DIA’s case, a memorable experience, then they will return.

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