Fortune Telling Fish Make Unique and Creative Valentines – Let Science Detect Your Love

 By Blog Editor Susan Wells

My girls and I don’t like to hand out the standard paper Valentines from the store. Those are just boring. So each year we look for a different and unique Valentine to hand out. Since I’m known as the Science Mom at my girls’ school, it’s only fitting that we hand out something sciencey for the day of love. My 2nd grader and I have already created a stack of Test Tube Valentines for her class.

My fifth grader and I began a search for a creative science Valentine. We decided on Fortune Telling Fish. This is no ordinary sticker, tattoo or candy Valentine. Oh no. This Valentine can predict the future; detect love or indifference in every single hormonal fifth grader.

There are some crushes and some cooties that still get passed around in fifth grade, so why not make them more giddy when they put a Fortune Fish in their hand and test their love?

We began with a lot of paper and shaped but settled on a rectangle where we attached the Fish package on one side and a little note and chocolate heart on the other.

The fish comes in a plastic envelope where it lives until its time to come out and start detecting the love. Take the fish out and place it in your flat hand. The fish will wriggle and roll. The direction of the roll will tell you how in love you really are –

Moving Head   >   Jealousy
Moving Tail   >   Indifference
Moving Head and Tail   >   In Love!
Curling Sides    >    Fickle
Turns Over   >   False
Motionless   >    Tired
Curls up entirely   >   Passionate

We tested our fish out on a few of my daughter’s friends this weekend. They giggled and had fun trying to test each other to see how much in love they were and with whom. I received a lot of questions about the meaning of “fickle” and about how they could reset it if the fish gave them “indifference” or “false.” Somehow, I think the boys will hope and pray for those two responses more than the others.

Fortune Telling Fish are sold by Steve Spangler Science and come in packs of 50 for $6.99

We also found a cute and easy way to make envelopes from heart cutouts from TinkerLab. You can also put your Fortune Telling Fish in an envelope instead of a card!

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