Time Lapse Photography Shows Crystals Forming and Growing on Paper Tree

Carey Brown, father to our Customer Service Manager, Zarah Brown, shared these amazing time lapse photography videos. He was experimenting with his new time lapse photography equipment and used our Magic Growing Crystal Trees as his subjects.

Carey shot the time lapse using a Canon MP-E65mm super macro lens and a Canon 5D2 camera.

Pour the growing liquid into a plastic tray and insert the paper tree. Allow it to soak and after about 15 minutes, crystals will begin forming. The entire process takes about six hours. Once the tree is dry, you can keep it in a safe place to enjoy for weeks.

In the first video, you can see the capillary action as the water moves up the paper, and then crystals begin to grow.

In the second video, you can witness a crystal forming and growing up close and personal. The delicate spider fingers that grow and stretch really demonstrate how the crystals

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