Strobotop Light Animator – 12 Days of Wonder

By Blog Editor Susan Wells

We have reached Day #4 in our 12 Days of Wonder in our quick ascent towards the holidays. Today’s spotlight science toy is Strobe Light Animator.

Steve Spangler Science is celebrating the 12 Days of Wonder and highlighting our top 12 science toys and kits that are perfect to put under the tree. As blog editor, social media coordinator and mom of two budding scientists, I will share my review of each product. Steve Spangler Science also found 12 respected, popular mom bloggers to each test and review one of our 12 science gifts. I will include a link to their blogs and their honest reviews of each gift idea at the bottom of this post. Today, Jacqui from Single Parent Retreat shares her review. The kit is also the Deal of the Day. So check our blog every day for the next few weeks to learn all about our 12 Days of Wonder.



My Review: 

I have to admit I was not excited about reviewing this product. It looked like a top and a light. Big deal. But I brought it home and took it out for my girls.

First, we spun the wheel like a top and waited for something to happen. It was not exciting. Then, we turned on the strobe light and began changing the pulsing light speeds. My attitude turned around. This was cool.

We started with the pigs. Give the disk a spin, turn on the strobe and point it at the disk. The pictures on the disk begin animating – the pigs were running around. It reminded me of the old time flip books with a picture at the bottom that changes and animates as you flip the pages quickly.

This isn’t simply a flip book animation. Change the pulsing or strobing light speed on the handheld strobe and the pigs run faster. Speed it up and they look like they are running backward. Keep speeding up and they run forward again. My kids began wildly shuffling through the disks and changing them out. There are horses, cats, ants, a man tipping his hat, geometric shapes and more. There are also two cards that are set up for you to make your own animated movie.

Each card is a different type of animation. You can experiment with each one with strobe speeds and how they change the animation. My girls’ favorites were the geometric patterns. One has gears that turn and move as the disk spins. My favorite is the ants who madly march around in different patterns depending on the light flashes.

My girls continued to play with the Strobe Light and disks while I made dinner. They sat in a darkened room and took turns testing each disk. The Strobe Light Animator will not work well in a lightened room. It must be at least somewhat dark for the light to work. They met their dad at the door when he came home and dragged him in to see the animations they were creating. He was also mesmerized by the disks and began playing with them too.

This is a fun demonstration with light and animations. I will say it doesn’t contain additional activities to go beyond what comes in the box outside of encouraging you to make your own animations.

WARNING: Individuals who are extremely sensitive to flashing lights and rapidly changing colors or patterns should exercise caution when playing with this toy.

Blogger Review: 






Read the Review from Jacqui at Single Parent Retreat >

Many thanks to Jacqui at Single Parent Retreat for testing our Strobe Light Animator. Visit Single Parent Retreat. Follow them on Facebook and Twitter.

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