Staff Spotlight on Our Receiving Manager Brian

Q: Tell us a little about who you are…
A: I am a very proud American with a German/Italian heritage. I am an extremely loyal family member, friend, and co-worker. I am  a college student working toward a degree in Business Administration and Marketing.

Q: What do you do at Steve Spangler Science?
A: I work back in the Distribution Center as the Receiving Manager. I check in boxes from vendors who ship the product we put onto our shelves. I work with inbound and outbound palletized shipments, helping organize drop off and pick up times. After receiving the shipment, I help stock, face, and organize the distribution center. This helps the pickers move easily through our shelves to find the fun items we ship to our customers.

Q: What do you like best about what you do?
A: I like many things, starting with where I work. Steve Spangler Science is a family based, fun, and caring workplace. My  job allows me to venture behind the scenes of the business world to see how product comes and goes while making sure the customer stays happy. I like knowing we’re the last line of defense for the company, while being the first line of offense for the customer.

Q:  What is your favorite Steve Spangler Science moment?
A: I’ve had a few over the years. There’s rarely a dull moment at Steve Spangler Science. One of the first I can remember was after a conference Dennis, Jeff, and I were unloading the box truck and to blow off a little steam we decided to shake up some Diet Coke bottles and slam them on the ground. This caused them to shoot up in the air like rockets — tons of fun! Or when we all did a giant science experiment for Ellen’s birthday, taped it, and then sent it to her as a surprise gift.

Q: What is something you wish every SSS customer knew?
A: The commitment we have to our customers. We generally like going out of our way to provide a great product that is fun for people.  We at Steve Spangler Science take pride in all packages and every item we sell to our customers.

Q: What do you like to do when not on the job?
I like to ride my mountain bike and play some basketball. Running is becoming a new passion of mine but still is not as enjoyable as watching the Rockies play. I’m a huge sports fan and love hanging out with my family. Something else I really enjoy is a good barbecue.

Q: What is your favorite science experiment?
My favorite science experiment is probably Bouncing Bubbles. It’s one of the easier ones so little kids in a large classroom will pay closer attention. You teach them that the oil on our skin is the reason why bubbles pop when we go to grab them. If they put on one of our cotton gloves they literally can play with or “bounce” the bubbles. It’s so fun!

Q: What other stories or things do you want people to know about you or the work you do at Spangler?
A: That we guarantee a fun and exciting learning experience for people. We try to educate kids about science and how they can use it to make a better future.

Q: Anything else you’d like to share?
A: Enjoy school, don’t grow up too fast, and thanks to all the teachers educating the children of our future.

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