One Lucky Facebook Fan Wins $1,500 Snow Day for her Class

Have you LIKED Steve Spangler Science on Facebook yet? We love our Facebook fans so much, that we spoil them with special offers and giveaways. Last night, we hosted a Snow Day party in honor of the schools being closed in the Denver area due to snow and subzero temperatures. We gave away lots of cool science prizes with a grand prize valued at $1,500!

Teresa Marx, our lucky winner, won 400 Insta-Snow Test Tubes and a one-pound bag of Insta-Snow for each teacher at her school. It was enough snow for everyone to make their own snow day.

Our parties move fast and have us refreshing our page almost constantly. Answers come in under 10 seconds after I post a question. I need extra eyes to watch the responses. During our party, we asked questions like “Why does Insta-Snow feel wet?” “How can you change the color of Insta-Snow?” “How long does hydrated snow last?”

We gave away mini snow days for correct answers and also gave all of our Facebook fans a special discount of $10 off a bag of Insta-Snow. So won’t you come say hi to us on Facebook and give us a great big ole Like?

We promise you won’t be disappointed and will be front row for all of our company news, discounts, Facebook parties and more!

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  1. Ellen Peterson
    Ellen Peterson says:

    More than winning free stuff, I play along because I love to see the enthusiasm of all those who post! Sometimes I need to “recharge” my enthusiasm and I can always find that boost on Steve Spangler’s Facebook page!


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